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haec constit. in Innoc. de constit. princip., so is the same repeated in gloss. in c. caeterum. extra. de juram. calumn.  Quod medicamenta morbis exhibent, hoc jura negotiis.  Nature furthermore admonisheth and teacheth us to gather and reap, eat and feed on fruits when they are ripe, and not before.  Instit. de rer. div. paragr. is ad quem et ff. de action. empt. l.  Julianus.  To marry likewise our daughters when they are ripe, and no sooner, ff. de donation. inter vir. et uxor. l. cum hic status. paragr. si quis sponsam. et 27 qu. 1. c. sicut dicit. gl.

  Jam matura thoro plenis adoleverat annis

And, in a word, she instructeth us to do nothing of any considerable importance, but in a full maturity and ripeness, 23. q. para ult. et 23. de c. ultimo.

Chapter 3.XLI.

How Bridlegoose relateth the history of the reconcilers of parties at variance in matters of law.

I remember to the same purpose, quoth Bridlegoose, in continuing his discourse, that in the time when at Poictiers I was a student of law under Brocadium Juris, there was at Semerve one Peter Dandin, a very honest man, careful labourer of the ground, fine singer in a church-desk, of good repute and credit, and older than the most aged of all your worships; who was wont to say that he had seen the great and goodly good man, the Council of Lateran, with his wide and broad-brimmed red hat.  As also, that he had beheld and looked upon the fair and beautiful Pragmatical Sanction his wife, with her huge rosary or patenotrian chaplet of jet-beads hanging at a large sky-coloured ribbon.  This honest man compounded, atoned, and agreed more differences, controversies, and variances at law than had been determined, voided, and finished during his time in the whole palace of Poictiers, in the auditory of Montmorillon, and in the town-house of the old Partenay.  This amicable disposition of his rendered him venerable and of great estimation, sway, power, and authority throughout all the neighbouring places of Chauvigny, Nouaille, Leguge, Vivonne, Mezeaux, Estables, and other bordering and circumjacent towns, villages, and hamlets.  All their debates were pacified by him; he put an end to their brabbling suits at law and wrangling differences.  By his advice and counsels were accords and reconcilements no less firmly made than if the verdict of a sovereign judge had been interposed therein, although, in very deed, he was no judge at all, but a right honest man, as you may well conceive,—­arg. in l. sed si unius. ff. de jure-jur. et de verbis obligatoriis l.continuus.  There was not a hog killed within three parishes of him whereof he had not some part of the haslet and puddings.  He was almost every day invited either to a marriage banquet, christening feast, an uprising or women-churching treatment, a birthday’s anniversary solemnity, a merry frolic gossiping, or otherwise to some delicious entertainment

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