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court declareth that the porter who ate his bread at the smoke of the roast, hath civilly paid the cook with the sound of his money.  And the said court ordaineth that everyone return to his own home, and attend his proper business, without cost and charges, and for a cause.  This verdict, award, and arbitrament of the Parisian fool did appear so equitable, yea, so admirable to the aforesaid doctors, that they very much doubted if the matter had been brought before the sessions for justice of the said place, or that the judges of the Rota at Rome had been umpires therein, or yet that the Areopagites themselves had been the deciders thereof, if by any one part, or all of them together, it had been so judicially sententiated and awarded.  Therefore advise, if you will be counselled by a fool.

Chapter 3.XXXVIII.

How Triboulet is set forth and blazed by Pantagruel and Panurge.

By my soul, quoth Panurge, that overture pleaseth me exceedingly well.  I will therefore lay hold thereon, and embrace it.  At the very motioning thereof my very right entrail seemeth to be widened and enlarged, which was but just now hard-bound, contracted, and costive.  But as we have hitherto made choice of the purest and most refined cream of wisdom and sapience for our counsel, so would I now have to preside and bear the prime sway in our consultation as very a fool in the supreme degree.  Triboulet, quoth Pantagruel, is completely foolish, as I conceive.  Yes, truly, answered Panurge, he is properly and totally a fool, a

Pantagruel.                         Panurge. 
Fatal f.                            Jovial f. 
Natural f.                          Mercurial f. 
Celestial f.                        Lunatic f. 
Erratic f.                          Ducal f. 
Eccentric f.                        Common f. 
Aethereal and Junonian f.           Lordly f. 
Arctic f.                           Palatine f. 
Heroic f.                           Principal f. 
Genial f.                           Pretorian f. 
Inconstant f.                       Elected f. 
Earthly f.                          Courtly f. 
Salacious and sporting f.           Primipilary f. 
Jocund and wanton f.                Triumphant f. 
Pimpled f.                          Vulgar f. 
Freckled f.                         Domestic f. 
Bell-tinging f.                     Exemplary f. 
Laughing and lecherous f.           Rare outlandish f. 
Nimming and filching f.             Satrapal f. 
Unpressed f.                        Civil f. 
First broached f.                   Popular f. 
Augustal f.                         Familiar f. 
Caesarine f.                        Notable f. 
Imperial f.                         Favourized f. 
Royal f.                            Latinized f. 
Patriarchal f.                      Ordinary f. 
Original f.                         Transcendent f. 
Loyal f.                            Rising f. 
Episcopal f.                        Papal f. 

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