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Algebraical C. Compt C. Fambling C.
Venust C. Repaired C. Overturning C.
Aromatizing C. Soft C. Shooting C.
Tricksy C. Wild C. Culeting C.
Paillard C. Renewed C. Jagged C.
Gaillard C. Quaint C. Pinked C.
Broaching C. Starting C. Arsiversing C.
Addle C. Fleshy C. Polished C.
Syndicated C. Auxiliary C. Slashed C.
Hamed C. Stuffed C. Clashing C.
Leisurely C. Well-fed C. Wagging C.
Cut C. Flourished C. Scriplike C.
Smooth C. Fallow C. Encremastered C.
Depending C. Sudden C. Bouncing C.
Independent C. Graspful C. Levelling C.
Lingering C. Swillpow C. Fly-flap C.
Rapping C. Crushing C. Perinae-tegminal C.
Reverend C. Creaking C. Squat-couching C.
Nodding C. Dilting C. Short-hung C.
Disseminating C. Ready C. The hypogastrian C.
Affecting C. Vigorous C. Witness-bearing C.
Affected C. Skulking C. Testigerous C.
Grappled C. Superlative C. Instrumental C.

My harcabuzing cod and buttock-stirring ballock, Friar John, my friend, I do carry a singular respect unto thee, and honour thee with all my heart.  Thy counsel I hold for a choice and delicate morsel; therefore have I reserved it for the last bit.  Give me thy advice freely, I beseech thee, Should I marry or no?  Friar John very merrily, and with a sprightly cheerfulness, made this answer to him:  Marry, in the devil’s name.  Why not?  What the devil else shouldst thou do but marry?  Take thee a wife, and furbish her harness to some tune.  Swinge her skin-coat as if thou wert beating on stock-fish; and let the repercussion of thy clapper from her resounding metal make a noise as if a double peal of chiming-bells were hung at the cremasters of thy ballocks.  As I say marry, so do I understand that thou shouldst fall to work as speedily as may be; yea, my meaning is that thou oughtest to be so quick and forward therein, as on this same very day, before sunset, to cause proclaim thy banns of matrimony, and make provision of bedsteads.  By the blood of a hog’s-pudding, till when wouldst thou delay the acting of a husband’s part?  Dost thou not know, and is it not daily told unto thee, that the end of the world approacheth?  We are nearer it by three poles and half a fathom than we were two days ago.  The Antichrist is already born; at least it is so reported by many.  The truth is, that hitherto the effects of his wrath have not reached further than to the scratching of his nurse and governesses.  His nails are not sharp enough as yet, nor have his claws attained to their full growth,—­he is little.

  Crescat; Nos qui vivimus, multiplicemur.

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