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Chapter 3.XVI.—­How Pantagruel adviseth Panurge to consult with the Sibyl of Panzoust

Chapter 3.XVII.—­How Panurge spoke to the Sibyl of Panzoust

Chapter 3.XVIII.—­How Pantagruel and Panurge did diversely expound the verses of the Sibyl of Panzoust

Chapter 3.XIX.—­How Pantagruel praiseth the counsel of dumb men

Chapter 3.XX.—­How Goatsnose by signs maketh answer to Panurge

Chapter 3.XXI.—­How Panurge consulteth with an old French poet, named Raminagrobis

Chapter 3.XXII.—­How Panurge patrocinates and defendeth the Order of the Begging Friars

Chapter 3.XXIII.—­How Panurge maketh the motion of a return to Raminagrobis

Chapter 3.XXIV.—­How Panurge consulteth with Epistemon

Chapter 3.XXV.—­How Panurge consulteth with Herr Trippa

Chapter 3.XXVI.—­How Panurge consulteth with Friar John of the Funnels

Chapter 3.XXVII.—­How Friar John merrily and sportingly counselleth Panurge

Chapter 3.XXVIII.—­How Friar John comforteth Panurge in the doubtful matter of cuckoldry

Chapter 3.XXIX.—­How Pantagruel convocated together a theologian, physician, lawyer, and philosopher, for extricating Panurge out of the perplexity wherein he was

Chapter 3.XXX.—­How the theologue, Hippothadee, giveth counsel to Panurge in the matter and business of his nuptial enterprise

Chapter 3.XXXI.—­How the physician Rondibilis counselleth Panurge

Chapter 3.XXXII.—­How Rondibilis declareth cuckoldry to be naturally one of the appendances of marriage

Chapter 3.XXXIII.—­Rondibilis the physician’s cure of cuckoldry

Chapter 3.XXXIV.—­How women ordinarily have the greatest longing after things prohibited

Chapter 3.XXXV.—­How the philosopher Trouillogan handleth the difficulty of marriage

Chapter 3.XXXVI.—­A continuation of the answer of the Ephectic and Pyrrhonian philosopher Trouillogan

Chapter 3.XXXVII.—­How Pantagruel persuaded Panurge to take counsel of a fool

Chapter 3.XXXVIII.—­How Triboulet is set forth and blazed by Pantagruel and Panurge

Chapter 3.XXXIX.—­How Pantagruel was present at the trial of Judge Bridlegoose, who decided causes and controversies in law by the chance and fortune of the dice

Chapter 3.XL.—­How Bridlegoose giveth reasons why he looked upon those law-actions which he decided by the chance of the dice

Chapter 3.XLI.—­How Bridlegoose relateth the history of the reconcilers of parties at variance in matters of law

Chapter 3.XLII.—­How suits at law are bred at first, and how they come afterwards to their perfect growth

Chapter 3.XLIII.—­How Pantagruel excuseth Bridlegoose in the matter of sentencing actions at law by the chance of the dice

Chapter 3.XLIV.—­How Pantagruel relateth a strange history of the perplexity of human judgment

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