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believe that they drank as much as their skins could hold, or, as the phrase is, with unbuttoned bellies (for in that age they made fast their bellies with buttons, as we do now the collars of our doublets or jerkins), even till they neither knew where they were nor whence they came.  Blessed Lady, how they did carouse it, and pluck, as we say, at the kid’s leather!  And flagons to trot, and they to toot, Draw; give, page, some wine here; reach hither; fill with a devil, so!  There was not one but did drink five and twenty or thirty pipes.  Can you tell how?  Even sicut terra sine aqua; for the weather was hot, and, besides that, they were very dry.  In matter of the exposition of the propositions set down by Thaumast, and the signification of the signs which they used in their disputation, I would have set them down for you according to their own relation, but I have been told that Thaumast made a great book of it, imprinted at London, wherein he hath set down all, without omitting anything, and therefore at this time I do pass by it.

Chapter 2.XXI.

How Panurge was in love with a lady of Paris.

Panurge began to be in great reputation in the city of Paris by means of this disputation wherein he prevailed against the Englishman, and from thenceforth made his codpiece to be very useful to him.  To which effect he had it pinked with pretty little embroideries after the Romanesca fashion.  And the world did praise him publicly, in so far that there was a song made of him, which little children did use to sing when they were to fetch mustard.  He was withal made welcome in all companies of ladies and gentlewomen, so that at last he became presumptuous, and went about to bring to his lure one of the greatest ladies in the city.  And, indeed, leaving a rabble of long prologues and protestations, which ordinarily these dolent contemplative lent-lovers make who never meddle with the flesh, one day he said unto her, Madam, it would be a very great benefit to the commonwealth, delightful to you, honourable to your progeny, and necessary for me, that I cover you for the propagating of my race, and believe it, for experience will teach it you.  The lady at this word thrust him back above a hundred leagues, saying, You mischievous fool, is it for you to talk thus unto me?  Whom do you think you have in hand?  Begone, never to come in my sight again; for, if one thing were not, I would have your legs and arms cut off.  Well, said he, that were all one to me, to want both legs and arms, provided you and I had but one merry bout together at the brangle-buttock game; for herewithin is—­in showing her his long codpiece—­Master John Thursday, who will play you such an antic that you shall feel the sweetness thereof even to the very marrow of your bones.  He is a gallant, and doth so well know how to find out all the corners, creeks, and ingrained inmates in your carnal trap, that after

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