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The Rasping and Hard-scraping of the Cardinals. 
De calcaribus removendis, Decades undecim, per M. Albericum de Rosata. 
Ejusdem de castramentandis criminibus libri tres. 
The Entrance of Anthony de Leve into the Territories of Brazil. 
(Marforii, bacalarii cubantis Romae) de peelandis aut unskinnandis
  blurrandisque Cardinalium mulis. 
The said Author’s Apology against those who allege that the Pope’s
  mule doth eat but at set times. 
Prognosticatio quae incipit, Silvii Triquebille, balata per M.N., the
  deep-dreaming gull Sion. 
Boudarini Episcopi de emulgentiarum profectibus Aeneades novem,
  cum privilegio Papali ad triennium et postea non. 
The Shitabranna of the Maids. 
The Bald Arse or Peeled Breech of the Widows. 
The Cowl or Capouch of the Monks. 
The Mumbling Devotion of the Celestine Friars. 
The Passage-toll of Beggarliness. 
The Teeth-chatter or Gum-didder of Lubberly Lusks. 
The Paring-shovel of the Theologues. 
The Drench-horn of the Masters of Arts. 
The Scullions of Olcam, the uninitiated Clerk. 
Magistri N. Lickdishetis, de garbellisiftationibus horarum canonicarum,
  libri quadriginta. 
Arsiversitatorium confratriarum, incerto authore. 
The Gulsgoatony or Rasher of Cormorants and Ravenous Feeders. 
The Rammishness of the Spaniards supergivuregondigaded by Friar Inigo. 
The Muttering of Pitiful Wretches. 
Dastardismus rerum Italicarum, authore Magistro Burnegad. 
R. Lullius de Batisfolagiis Principum. 
Calibistratorium caffardiae, authore M. Jacobo Hocstraten hereticometra. 
Codtickler de Magistro nostrandorum Magistro nostratorumque beuvetis,
  libri octo galantissimi. 
The Crackarades of Balists or stone-throwing Engines, Contrepate
  Clerks, Scriveners, Brief-writers, Rapporters, and Papal
  Bull-despatchers lately compiled by Regis. 
A perpetual Almanack for those that have the gout and the pox. 
Manera sweepandi fornacellos per Mag.  Eccium. 
The Shable or Scimetar of Merchants. 
The Pleasures of the Monachal Life. 
The Hotchpot of Hypocrites. 
The History of the Hobgoblins. 
The Ragamuffinism of the pensionary maimed Soldiers. 
The Gulling Fibs and Counterfeit shows of Commissaries. 
The Litter of Treasurers. 
The Juglingatorium of Sophisters. 
Antipericatametanaparbeugedamphicribrationes Toordicantium. 
The Periwinkle of Ballad-makers. 
The Push-forward of the Alchemists. 
The Niddy-noddy of the Satchel-loaded Seekers, by Friar Bindfastatis. 
The Shackles of Religion. 
The Racket of Swag-waggers. 
The Leaning-stock of old Age. 
The Muzzle of Nobility. 
The Ape’s Paternoster. 
The Crickets and Hawk’s-bells of Devotion. 
The Pot of the Ember-weeks. 
The Mortar of the Politic Life. 
The Flap of the Hermits. 
The Riding-hood or Monterg of the Penitentiaries. 
The Trictrac of the Knocking Friars. 
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