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Charles Rann Kennedy
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ROBERT.  By God, but I call myself summat—­I’M THE DRAIN-MAN,

VICAR [feverishly].  You shall not go! . . .

ROBERT.  Why, wot is there to fear?  Ain’t it worth while, to move away that load o’ muck!

VICAR.  The stench—­the horror—­the darkness . . .

ROBERT.  What’s it matter, if the comrides up above ‘av’ light an’ joy an’ a breath of ’olesome air to sing by? . . .

VICAR.  Hour by hour—­dying—­alone . . .

ROBERT.  The comrides up in the spans an arches, joinin’ ’ands . . .

VICAR.  Fainter and fainter, below there, and at last—­an endless silence! . . .

ROBERT.  ’Igh in the dome, the ’ammerin’s of the comrides as ‘av’ climbed aloft!

AUNTIE.  William, there is yet one other way! . . .

VICAR.  Yes, yes, I see:  I see! . . . [To ROBERT].  Then—­you mean to go?

ROBERT.  By ’Eaven, yus!

VICAR.  Then, by God and all the powers of grace, you shall not go alone!  Off with these lies and make-believes!  Off with these prisoner’s shackles!  They cramp, they stifle me!  Freedom!  Freedom!  This is no priest’s work—­it calls for a man! . . .

[He tears off his parson’s coat and collar, casting them furiously aside.  He rolls up his sleeves.]

Now, if you’re ready, Comrade:  you and I together!

AUNTIE.  God’s might go with you, William!  Accept him, Christ!

[There is a silence.  Then ROBERT speaks with slow consideration.]

ROBERT.  I—­don’t—­know.  It’s dangerous, you understand!

VICAR.  I go with you.

ROBERT.  This ain’t psalms an ‘ymns an’ ole maids’ tea-parties, mind you!  It may mean typhoid!

VICAR.  I understand.

ROBERT.  Rats.

VICAR.  Yes.

ROBERT.  They don’t leave you alone:  they got teeth,
remember—­poison in ’em!

VICAR.  I will go with you.

[A slight pause.  Then ROBERT, dropping into a quite ordinary tone, says.]

ROBERT.  Then let’s ‘av’ summat so eat, an’ get along.  There’s nuthin’ more to say.

MARY [inspired].  Yes, there is!

ROBERT.  What do you mean, miss?

MARY.  I mean that I understand:  that I know who you are.

ROBERT.  Me? . . .

MARY [simply].  Yes, you are my father.

ROBERT.  ‘Ow the everlastin’ did you know that?

MARY [going up to him].  Because you are my wish come true:  because you are brave, because you are very beautiful, because you are good!

ROBERT.  My little kid!  My little kid!

[They embrace each other.]

VICAR.  Robert! [Taking his left hand].

AUNTIE.  Brother! [Taking his other hand.]

[They form a kind of cross.]

[MANSON and ROGERS re-enter with table-cloth, etc., for lunch.]

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