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Such experiences have given me confidence in my judgment, and patience with the opposition of my coadjutors, with whom on so many points I disagree.  It requires no courage now to demand the right of suffrage, temperance legislation, liberal divorce laws, or for women to fill church offices—­these battles have been fought and won and the principle governing these demands conceded.  But it still requires courage to question the divine inspiration of the Hebrew Writings as to the position of woman.  Why should the myths, fables, and allegories of the Hebrews be held more sacred than those of the Assyrians and Egyptians, from whose literature most of them were derived?  Seeing that the religious superstitions of women perpetuate their bondage more than all other adverse influences, I feel impelled to reiterate my demands for justice, liberty, and equality in the Church as well as in the State.

The birthday celebration was to me more than a beautiful pageant; more than a personal tribute.  It was the dawn of a new day for the Mothers of the Race!  The harmonious co-operation of so many different organizations, with divers interests and opinions, in one grand jubilee was, indeed, a heavenly vision of peace and hope; a prophecy that with the exaltation of Womanhood would come new Life, Light, and Liberty to all mankind.


* * * * *
Aberdeen, Lord and Lady,
Addington, Laura,
Albert, Prince,
Alcott, A. Bronson,
Alcott, Louisa M.,
Allison, Miss,
Amberly, Lord and Lady,
Ames, Mary Clemmer,
Anderson, Dr. Garrett,
Andre, Major John,
Andrews, Governor John A.,
Anthony, Daniel,
Anthony, Senator Henry B.,
Anthony, Lucy,
Anthony, Mary,
Anthony, Susan B.,
Arnold, General Benedict,
Arnold, Matthew,
Astor, John Jacob,
Auchet, Hubertine,
Austin, Dr.  Harriet N.,
Ayer, Mrs. J.C.,

Backus, Wealthea,
Bagley, Governor,
Bagley, Mrs.,
Baird, General,
Baldwin, Elizabeth McMartin,
Balgarnie, Miss,
Banning, Ella B.,
Banning, William L.,
Barclay, Cornelia,
Barrau, Caroline de,
Bartlett, Paul,
Barton, Clara,
Bascom, Mr.,
Bascora, Mary,
Bayard, Dr.  Edward,
Bayard, Henry,
Bayard, Thomas F.,
Bayard, Tryphena Cady,
Beach, Myron,
Beaman, Rev. Dr.,
Becker, Lydia,
Beecher, Catharine,
Beecher, Rev.  Henry Ward,
Bellamy, Edward,
Bellows, Rev. Henry,
Benedict, Lewis,
Bently, Judge,
Berry, Mme.,
Berry, Marguerite,
Berry, Mrs.,
Bertaux, Mme. Leon,
Besant, Annie,
Bickerdyke, Mother,
Biddle, Chapman,
Biddle, George,
Biggs, Caroline,
Bigelow, John,
Bigelow, Mrs. John,
Bingham, John A.,
Bird, Frank W.,

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