Eighty Years and More; Reminiscences 1815-1897 eBook

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I. Childhood
II.  School days
III.  Girlhood
IV.  Life at Peterboro
V. Our wedding journey
VI.  Homeward bound
VII.  Motherhood
VIII.  Boston and Chelsea
IX.  The first woman’s rights convention
X. Susan B. Anthony
XI.  Susan B. Anthony (Continued)
XII.  My first speech before A legislature
XIII.  Reforms and mobs
XIV.  Views on marriage and divorce
XV.  Women as patriots
XVI.  Pioneer life in Kansas—­our newspaperThe
XVII.  LYCEUMS and lecturers
XVIII.  Westward ho
XIX.  The spirit of ’76
XX.  WritingThe history of woman suffrage
XXI.  In the south of France
XXII.  Reforms and reformers in great Britain
XXIII.  Woman and theology
XXIV.  England and France revisited
XXV.  The international council of women
XXVI.  My last visit to England
XXVII.  Sixtieth anniversary of the class of 1832—­the
woman’s Bible
XXVIII.  My eightieth birthday
index of names


The Author, Frontispiece
Margaret Livingston Cady
Judge Daniel Cady
Henry Brewster Stanton
The Author and Daughter
The Author and Son
Susan B. Anthony
Elizabeth Smith Miller
Children and Grandchildren
The Author, Mrs. Blatch, and Nora
The Author, Mrs. Lawrence, and Robert Livingston Stanton




The psychical growth of a child is not influenced by days and years, but by the impressions passing events make on its mind.  What may prove a sudden awakening to one, giving an impulse in a certain direction that may last for years, may make no impression on another.  People wonder why the children of the same family differ so widely, though they have had the same domestic discipline, the same school and church teaching, and have grown up under the same influences and with the same environments.  As well wonder why lilies and lilacs in the same latitude are not all alike in color and equally fragrant.  Children differ as widely as these in the primal elements of their physical and psychical life.

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