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(Campbell MSS.; this letter and the one following are from copies, and the spelling etc., may not be quite as in the originals).

October 16—­1774.


I gladly embrace this opportunity to acquaint you that we are all here yet alive through Gods mercies, & I sincerely wish that this may find you and your family in the station of health that we left you.  I never had anything worth notice to acquaint you with since I left you till now—­the express seems to be hurrying, that I cannot write you with the same coolness and deliberation as I would.  We arrived at the mouth of the Canaway, thursday 6th.  Octo. and encamped on a fine piece of ground, with an intent to wait for the Governor and his party but hearing that he was going another way we contented ourselves to stay there a few days to rest the troops, &c. where we looked upon ourselves to be in safety till Monday morning the 10th. instant when two of our company went out before day to hunt—­to wit Val.  Sevier and James Robinson and discovered a party of Indians.  As I expect you will hear something of our battle before you get this, I have here stated the affair nearly to you: 

For the satisfaction of the people in your parts in this they have a true state of the memorable battle fought at the mouth of the Great Canaway on the 10th. instant.  Monday morning about half an hour before sunrise, two of Capt.  Russells company discovered a large party of Indians about a mile from camp, one of which men was killed, the other made his escape & brought in his intelligence.  In two or three minutes after, two of Capt.  Shelby’s Company came in & confirmed the account, Col.  Andrew Lewis being informed thereof immediately ordered Col.  Charles Lewis to take the command of 150 men from Augusta and with him went Capt.  Dickison, Capt.  Harrison, Capt.  Wilson, Capt.  John Lewis, from Augusta and Capt.  Sockridge which made the first division.  Col.  Fleming was also ordered to take the command of one hundred and fifty more, consisting of Battertout, Fincastle & Bedford troops,—­viz., Capt.  Buford of Bedford, Capt.  Lewis of Battertout, Capt.  Shelby & Capt.  Russell of Fincastle which made the second division.  Col.  Lewis marched with his division to the right some distance from the Ohio.  Col.  Fleming with his division up the bank of the Ohio to the left.  Col.  Lewis’ division had not marched little more than a quarter of a mile from camp when about sunrise, an attack was made on the front of his division in a most vigorous manner by the united tribes Indians,—­Shawnees, Delawares, Mingoes, Taways, and of several other nations, in number not less than eight hundred, and by many thought to be a thousand.  In this heavy attack Col.  Charles Lewis received a wound which soon

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