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though fast decaying.  It is located some eight miles northeast of Jonesboro, the county seat of Washington, on the “waters of Boone’s Creek,” which creek was named after Daniel Boone, and on which (creek) it is certain Daniel Boone “camped” during a winter or two.  The tree stands about two miles from the spring, where it has always been understood Boone’s camp was.  More than twenty years ago, I have heard old gentlemen (living in the neighborhood of the tree), who were then from fifty to seventy years old, assert that the carving was on the tree when they were boys, and that the tradition in the community was that the inscription was on the tree when discovered by the first permanent settlers.  The posture of the tree is “leaning,” so that a “bar,” or other animal could ascend it without difficulty.

While the letters could be clearly traced when I last looked at them, still because of the expansion of the bark, it was difficult, and I heard old gentlemen years ago remark upon the changed appearance of the inscription from what it was when they first knew it.

Boone certainly camped for a time under the tree; the creek is named after him (has always been known as Boone’s Creek); the Civil District is named after him, and the post-office also.  True, the story as to the carving is traditionary, but a man had as well question in that community the authenticity of “Holy Writ,” as the fact that Boone carved the inscription on that tree.

I am very respectfully



The following copy of an original note of Boon’s was sent me by Judge John N. Lea: 

July the 20th 1786.  Sir, The Land has Been Long Survayd and Not Knowing When the Money would be Rady Was the Reason of my not Returning the Works however the may be Returned when you pleas.  But I must have Nother Copy of the Entry as I have lost that I had when I lost my plating instruments and only have the Short Field Notes.  Just the Corse Distance and Corner trees pray send me Nother Copy that I may know how to give it the proper bounderry agreeable to the Location and I Will send the plat to the offis medetly if you chose it, the expense is as follows

Survayer’s fees L9 3 8
Ragesters fees 7 14 0
Chanman 8 0 0
purvisions of the tower 2 0 0
L26 17 8

You will also Send a Copy of the agreement betwixt Mr. [illegible] overton and myself Where I Red the warrants.  I am, sir, your omble servant,



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