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    Oh! scorn him not.  The strength whereby
    The patriot girds himself to die;
    The unconquerable power which fills
    The foeman battling on his hills: 
    These have one fountain deep and clear,
    The same whence gush’d that child-like tear!—­


* * * * *


[Illustration:  Letter N.]

Newfoundland Dogs are employed in drawing sledges laden with fish, wood, and other articles, and from their strength and docility are of considerable importance.  The courage, devotion, and skill of this noble animal in the rescue of persons from drowning is well known; and on the banks of the Seine, at Paris, these qualities have been applied to a singular purpose.  Ten Newfoundland dogs are there trained to act as servants to the Humane Society; and the rapidity with which they cross and re-cross the river, and come and go, at the voice of their trainer, is described as being most interesting to witness.  Handsome kennels have been erected for their dwellings on the bridges.

* * * * *


There is a breed of very handsome dogs called by this name, of a white colour, thickly spotted with black:  it is classed among the hounds.  This species is said to have been brought from India, and is not remarkable for either fine scent or intelligence.  The Dalmatian Dog is generally kept in our country as an appendage to the carriage, and is bred up in the stable with the horses; it consequently seldom receives that kind of training which is calculated to call forth any good qualities it may possess.

[Illustration:  DALMATIAN DOG.]

* * * * *


The Terrier is a valuable dog in the house and farm, keeping both domains free from intruders, either in the shape of thieves or vermin.  The mischief effected by rats is almost incredible; it has been said that, in some cases, in the article of corn, these little animals consume a quantity in food equal in value to the rent of the farm.  Here the terrier is a most valuable assistant, in helping the farmer to rid himself of his enemies.  The Scotch Terrier is very common in the greater part of the Western Islands of Scotland, and some of the species are greatly admired.  Her Majesty Queen Victoria possesses one from Islay—­a faithful, affectionate creature, yet with all the spirit and determination that belong to his breed.


* * * * *


The modern smooth-haired Greyhound of England is a very elegant dog, not surpassed in speed and endurance by that of any other country.  Hunting the deer with a kind of greyhound of a larger size was formerly a favourite diversion; and Queen Elizabeth was gratified by seeing, on one occasion, from a turret, sixteen deer pulled down by greyhounds upon the lawn at Cowdry Park, in Sussex.

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