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VI’SION, s. sight; the faculty of seeing; the act of seeing; a
    supernatural appearance; a spectre; a phantom; a dream; something
    shown in a dream

VI’SUAL, a. using the power of sight

VI’TIATE, v.a. deprave; spoil; make less pure

VOLCA’NO, s. a burning mountain

VO’TARY, s. one devoted, as by a vow, to any particular service,
    worship, study, or state of life

VU’LTURE, s. a large bird of prey

WA’NTONLY, ad. sportively; carelessly

WEA’PON, s. an instrument of offence; something with which one is
    armed to hurt another

WI’LDERNESS, s. a desert

WI’STFUL, a. attentive; earnest; full of thought

WO’NDERFUL, a. admirable; strange; astonishing

WO’RSHIP, v.a. adore; honour; venerate

ZEST, s. relish

ZOOLO’GICAL, a. that which relates to animals


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