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U’SHER, s. an under-teacher; one whose business it is to introduce
    strangers, or walk before a person of high rank

UTE’NSIL, s. an instrument for any use, such as the vessels of the
    kitchen, or tools of a trade

VALE’RIAN, s. a plant

VA’LLEY, s. low ground; a hollow between two hills

VA’LUABLE, a. precious; worthy

VA’LUE, s. price; worth; rate

VAN, s. the front of an army; the first line

VANI’LLA, s. a plant, the fruit of which is used to scent chocolate

VA’NISH, v.n. lose perceptible existence; disappear; be lost; pass

VA’RIANCE, s. discord; disagreement

VA’RIEGATE, v.a. diversify; stain with different colours

VA’RIOUS, a. different; several; diversified

VA’RY, v.a. change; change to something else

VA’TICAN, s. the palace of the Pope at Rome

VEGETA’TION, s. the power of producing the growth of plants

VEGETA’TIVE, a. having the power to produce growth in plants

VE’HICLE, s. a conveyance

VE’NERABLE, a. old; to be treated with reverence

VE’NISON, s. game; the flesh of deer

VENTILA’TION, s. the act of fanning

VENTILA’TOR, s. an instrument contrived to supply close places with
    fresh air

VE’NTURE, v.n. dare; run hazard; engage in

VE’RIFY, v.n. justify against the charge of falsehood; confirm; to
    prove true

VE’RILY, ad. in truth; certainly

VE’SSEL, s. any capacity; anything containing; the containing parts of
    an animal body

VESU’VIUS, s. a burning mountain near Naples

VICI’NITY, s. nearness; state of being near

VICI’SSITUDE, s. regular change; revolution

VI’CTIM, s. sacrifice; something destroyed

VI’CTORY, s. conquest; triumph

VI’GIL, s. watch; a fast kept before a holiday

VI’GOROUS, a. full of strength and life

VI’GOROUSLY, ad. energetically; forcibly; with force; without weakness

VI’LLAGE, s. a small collection of houses

VI’NDICATE, v.a. justify; clear; assert; revenge

VI’NTAGE, s. the produce of the vine for the year; the time in which
    grapes are gathered

VI’OLATION, s. infringement of a law

VI’OLENT, a. forcible; unseasonably vehement

VI’PER, s. a serpent; anything mischievous

VI’PERINE, a. belonging to a viper

VI’RULENT, a. poisonous; venomous; poisoned in the mind; malignant

VI’SIBLE, a. perceptible by the eye; apparent

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