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TRO’UBLE, v.n. disturb; afflict; tease; disorder

TRU’NCATE, v.a. maim; cut short

TRU’NNIONS, s. the knobs or bunchings of a gun, that bear it on the
    checks of a carriage

TUBE, s. a pipe; a long hollow body

TU’BULAR, a. resembling a pipe or trunk

TUMU’LTUOUS, a. uproarious; noisy

TU’NIC, s. part of the Roman dress, natural covering; tunicle

TU’NNEL, s. funnel; shaft of a chimney; passage underground

TU’RBAN, s. the covering worn by the Turks on their heads

TU’RPITUDE, s. shamefulness; baseness

TY’RANNY, s. severity; rigour

TY’RANT, s. an absolute monarch governing imperiously; a cruel and
    severe master; an oppressor

U’LTIMATE, a. intended as the last resort

UNABA’TED, part. not lessened in force or intensity

UNACCOU’NTABLE, a. not explicable; not to be solved by reason; not

UNA’LTERABLE, a. unchangeable; immutable

UNAPRROA’CHED, a. inaccessible

UNAWA’RE, ad. unexpectedly; without thought

UNCE’RTAINTY, s. want of certainty; inaccuracy

UNCHA’NGEABLE, a. not subject to variation

UNCO’MFORTABLE, a. affording no comfort; gloomy

UNCU’LTIVATED, a. not instructed; uncivilised

UNDAU’NTED, a. unsubdued by fear; not depressed

UNDERGO’, v.a. suffer; sustain; support

UNDERMI’NE, v.a. to excavate under

UNDIMI’NISHED, a. not to be lessened; incapable of being lessened

UNDISCO’VERED, a. not seen; not found out

UNDISTI’NGUISHABLE, a. not to be distinguished

UNFO’RTUNATE, a. unsuccessful; unprosperous

U’NIFORM, a. conforming to one rule; similar to itself

UNIFO’RMITY, s. conforming to one pattern

UNINHA’BITABLE, a. unfit to be inhabited

UNINI’TIATED, part. ignorant of; not conversant with

UNIVE’RSAL, s. the whole

U’NIVERSE, s. the general system of things

UNJU’STIFIABLE, a. not to be defended

UNMO’ULTED, part. unchanged in feather

UNPA’LATEABLE, a. nauseous, disgusting

UNRETA’LIATED, part. unreturned, applied to injuries

UNSA’Y, v.a. retract; deny what has been said

UNSUCCE’SSFUL, a. not having the wished event

UNSWA’THE, v.a. unbandage

UNVI’TIATED, part. pure; not defiled

UNWIE’LDY, a. unmanageable; not easily moving, or moved

URGE, v.a. press; incite; provoke; solicit

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