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TI’MOROUS, a. fearful; terrified; susceptible of fear; capable of
    being frightened

TI’TLE, s. a general head comprising particulars; an appellation of
    honour; claim of right; the first page of a book, telling its name,
    and generally its subject

TO’CSIN, s. an alarm-bell

TO’RPID, a. motionless; sluggish

TO’RTURE, s. torments judicially inflicted; pain by which guilt is
    punished, or confession extorted

TO’RTURE, v.a. punish with tortures; torment

TOUR, s. (pronounced toor) a journey for pleasure

TOU’RIST, s. one who travels for pleasure

TO’WARD, prep. in a direction to; near to

TOW’ER, s. high building; fortress; an elevation

TRADI’TIONAL, a. delivered by tradition

TRA’GEDY, s. any mournful or dreadful event

TRA’GIC, a. mournful, calamitous

    TRA’GI-CO’MEDY, s. a drama compounded of merry and serious things

TRAIN, v.a. draw along; entice; educate

TRA’NQUIL, a. quiet; peaceful

TRANQUI’LLITY, a. quietness; peace; freedom from trouble or annoyance

TRANSA’CT, v.a. manage; negotiate; perform

TRANSA’CTION, s. negotiation; management

TRA’NSIENT, a. short; momentary

TRANSI’TION, s. removal; passage from one to another; change

TRANSMI’T, v.a. send from one place to another

TRANSPA’RENT, a. clear; translucent

TRA’VEL, s. journey; labour; toil

TRA’VEL, v.n. make travels; move; go

TRA’VERSE, v.a. to cross; to lay athwart; to cross by way of
    opposition; to wander over

TREA’CHEROUS, a. faithless; guilty of deserting or betraying

TREA’CHERY, s. perfidy; breach of faith

TREA’SURER, s. one who has the care of money; one who has the charge
    of treasure

TRE’LLIS, s. a structure of iron, wood, or osier, the parts crossing
    each other like a lattice

TREME’NDOUS, a. dreadful; horrible

TRE’MOUR, s. the state of trembling or quivering

TRE’MULOUS, a. trembling; fearful; quivering

TREPIDA’TION, s. fear; terror; hurry; confused haste; terrified flight

TRI’ANGLE, s. a figure of three angles

TRIBU’NAL, s. the seat of a judge; a court of justice

TRI’BUTE, s. payment in acknowledgment; subjection

TRI’PLE, a. threefold; treble

TRI’UMPH, s. victory; conquest

TRIU’MPHANT, a. victorious; celebrating a victory

TRO’PHY, s. something shown or treasured up in proof of victory

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