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SY’MPHONY, s. harmony of mingled sounds

SY’NAGOGUE, s. a Jewish place of worship

SY’STEM, s. any combination of many things acting together

SYSTEMA’TIC, a. methodical; written or formed with regular
    subordination of one part to another

TA’BLET, s. a small level surface; a surface written on or painted

TA’BULAR, a. set in the form of tables or synopses

TA’CTICS, s. the art of ranging men on the field of battle

TA’FFETA, s. a thin silk

TA’NKARD, s. a large vessel with a cover for strong drink

TA’PER, v.n. grow gradually smaller

TA’TTOO, v.a. mark by staining on the skin

TA’WDRY, a. meanly showy; showy without elegance

TA’XATION, s. the act of loading with taxes; accusation

TE’CHNICAL, a. belonging to the arts; not in common or popular use

TE’LESCOPE, s. a long glass by which distant objects are viewed

TEA’CHER, s. one who teaches; an instructor

TE’MPERANCE, s. moderation in meat and drink; free from ardent passion

TE’MPERATE, a. moderate in meat and drink; free from ardent passion;
    not excessive

TE’MPERATURE, s. constitution of nature; degree of any qualities;

TE’MPLE, s. a place appropriated to acts of religion; the upper part
    of the sides of the head

TE’MPORAL, a. measured by time secular; not spiritual

TEMPTA’TION, s. the act of tempting

TENA’CITY, s. adhesion of one part to another

TE’NDENCY, s. direction or course toward any place, object, inference,
    or result

TE’NDER, a. soft; sensible; delicate; gentle; mild; young; weak, as
    tender age

TE’NDRIL, s. the clasp of a vine or other climbing plant

TE’NEMENT, s. anything held by a tenant

TENU’ITY, s. thinness; smallness; poverty

TE’RMINATE, v.n. have an end; be limited; end

TERMINA’TION, s. the end

TERRE’STRIAL, a. earthly

TE’RRIBLE, a. dreadful; formidable; causing fear

TE’RRIER, s. a kind of dog

TE’RRITORY, s. land; country

TE’RROR, s. fear communicated; fear received; the cause of fear

TE’XTURE, s. the act of weaving; a web; a thing woven; combination of

THE’REFORE, ad. for this reason; consequently

THOU’SAND, a. or s. the number of ten hundred

TIDE, s. time; alternate ebb and flow of the sea

TI’MID, a. fearful; wanting courage

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