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SU’BSTANCE, s. something real, not imaginary; wealth; means of life

S’UBSTITUTE, s. one placed by another to act with delegated power

SUBTERRA’NEOUS, a. living under the earth

SUBVE’RSION, s. overthrow; ruin

SU’CCEED, v.a. follow; prosper

SUCCE’SSFUL, a. prosperous; happy; fortunate

SUCCE’SSION, s. a series of persons or things following one another; a

SU’CCOUR, s. aid; assistance; help in distress

SU’CCULENT, a. juicy; moist

SU’DDEN, a. coming unexpectedly; hasty; violent

SU’FFER, v.a. bear; undergo; endure; permit

SUFFI’CE, v.n. be enough; be sufficient; be equal to the end, or

SUFFI’CE, v.a. afford; supply; satisfy

SUFFI’CIENT, a. equal to any end or purpose

SU’LLY, v.a. spoil; tarnish; dirty; spot

SU’LTRY, a. hot and close

SU’MMON, v.a. call up; raise; admonish to appear

SU’MPTUOUS, a. costly; expensive; splendid

SUPE’RB, a. grand; pompous; lofty; magnificent

SUPERINCU’MBENT, a. lying on the top of something else

SUPERINDU’CE, v.a. bring in as an addition to something else

SUPERINTE’NDENCE, s. superior care; the act of overseeing with

SUPERINTEN’DENT, s. one who overlooks others authoritatively

SUPE’RIOR, a. higher; greater in dignity or excellence; preferable;

SUPERIO’RITY, s. pre-eminence; the quality of being greater or higher
    than another

SUPERSE’DE, v.a. make void by superior power

SUPERSTI’TIOUS, a. full of idle fancies or scruples with regard to

SUPPLY’, v.n. fill up a deficiency; yield; afford; accommodate;

SUPPLY’, s. relief of want; cure of deficiencies

SUPPO’RT, s. act or power of sustaining; prop

SUPPO’RT, v.a. sustain; prop; endure

SUPPO’SE, v.a. admit without proof; imagine

SU’RFACE, s. superficies; outside

S’URPLUS, s. overplus; what remains when use is satisfied

SURROU’ND, v.a. environ; encompass; enclose on all sides

SURVE’Y, v.a. view as examining; measure and estimate land; overlook

SUSCE’PTIBLE, a. capable of anything

SUSPI’CION, s. the act of suspecting; imagination of something ill
    without proof

SWA’LLOW, v.n. take down the throat; take in

SY’CAMORE, s. a tree

SY’COPHANT, s. tale-bearer

SY’MMETRY, s. adaptation of parts to each other; proportion; harmony

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