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SE’NTINEL, s. one who watches or keeps guard, to prevent surprise

SEPARATION, s. the act of separating; disunion

SE’QUEL, s. conclusion; consequence; event

SEQUE’STER, v.a. separate from others for the sake of privacy; remove;

SERE’NITY, s. calmness; mild temperature; peace; coolness of mind

SE’RIES, s. sequence; order; succession; course

SERRA’TED, a. formed with jags or indentures, like the edge of a saw

SE’RVANT, s. one who attends another, and acts at his command

SERVICEABLE, a. active; diligent; officious; useful; beneficial

SE’VERAL, a. different; divers; many

SHA’NTY, s. a temporary wooden building

SHE’LTER, s. cover; protection

SI’GNAL, s. a notice given by a sign; a sign that gives notice

SI’GNIFY, v.a. to declare; to make known; to declare by some token or
    sign; to express; to mean

SILT, s. mud; slime; consisting of mud

SI’MILAR, a. like; having resemblance

SIMPLICITY, s. plainness; not cunning; silliness

SIMULTANEOUS, a. acting together; existing at the same time

SINCE’RITY, s. honesty of intention

SI’NGER, s. one that tings; one whose profession or business is to

SI’NGULAR, a. single; particular

SI’TUATE, part. a. placed with respect to anything else; consisting

SKE’LETON, a. the bones of the body preserved together, as much as can
    be, in their natural situation

SKI’RMISH, s. slight fight; contest

SLA’TY, a. having the nature of slate

SLEIGHT, s. artful trick; dexterous practice

SLU’GGISH, a. slow; slothful; lazy, inactive

SOBRI’ETY, s. soberness; calmness; gravity

SOCI’ETY, s. company; community

SO’CKET, s. a hollow pipe; the receptacle of the eye

SO’LDIER, s. a fighting man; a warrior

SO’LEMN, a. religiously grave; awful; grave

SOLE’MNITY, s. gravity; religious ceremony

SOLI’CITOUS, a. anxious; careful; concerned

SOLI’CITUDE, s. anxiety; carefulness

SO’LID, a. not liquid; not fluid; not hollow; compact; strong; firm;
    sound; true; profound; grave

SOLI’LOQUY, s. a discourse made by one in solitude to himself

SO’LITARY, a. living alone; not having company

SO’LITUDE, s. loneliness; a lonely place

SO’RROW, s. grief; pain for something past; sadness

SOU’THERN, a. belonging to the south

SO’VEREIGN, s. supreme lord.

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