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RI’DICULE, s. contemptive mockery

RI’VET, v.a. fasten strongly

RI’VULET, s a small river; streamlet; brook

ROMA’NTIC, a. wild; fanciful

ROO’KERY, s. a nursery of rooks

ROYA’LIST, s. adherent to a King

RU’BY, s. a precious stone of a red colour

RU’DIMEMT, s. the first principle

RU’GGED, a. rough; uneven; rude

RU’STIC, a. rough; rude; pertaining to the country

RUSTI’CITY, s. rural appearance; simplicity

SA’CRAMENT, s. an oath; an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace

SA’CRED, a. immediately relating to God; holy

SA’CRIFICE, v.a. offer to heaven; destroy or give up for the sake of
    something else; destroy; kill

SAGA’CITY, a. quickness of scent; acuteness of discovery

SA’LINE, a. consisting of salt; constituting bait

SA’NCTITY, s. holiness; goodness; purity

SA’NGUINARY, a. cruel; bloody; murderous

SA’PPHIRE, s. a precious stone, of a blue colour

SAU’RIAN, s. a reptile belonging to the order of Sauris or lizards

SAVA’NNAH, s. an open meadow without wood

SCABBARD, s. the sheath of a sword or dagger

SCE’NERY, s. the appearances of places or things; the background of
    the scenes of a play

SCE’PTRE, s. the ensign of royalty borne in the hand

SCI’ENCE, s. knowledge; certainty grounded, on demonstration

SCIENTIFIC, a. producing demonstrative knowledge

SCREECH, s. cry of horror and anguish; harsh cry

SCRI’PTURE, s. sacred writing; the Bible

SCU’RRY, a. mean; vile; dirty; worthless

SCU’LPTURE, s. carved work

SE’AMAN, s. a sailor

SE’ASON, s. one of the four parts of the year; a fit time

SE’CRET, s. something studiously hidden; privacy; solitude; a thing

SECRE’TE, v.a. put aside; hide

SECU’RITY, s. protection; safety; certainty

SEE’MING, s. appearance; show; opinion

SELE’CT, v.a. choose in preference to others rejected

SELE’CTION, s. the act of choosing; choice

    SE’MI-GLO’BULAR, a. half circular

SE’MINARY, s. place of education

SE’NATOR, s. a public counsellor

SENSA’TION, s. perception by means of the senses

SENSIBI’LITY, s. quickness of sensation; delicacy

SENSORIO’LA, s. plur. little sensoriums

SENSO’RIUM, s. the seat of sense; organ of sensation

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