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REMO’NSTRANCE, s. strong representation

REMO’RSELESS, a. without remorse

RE’NDER, v.a. restore; give back; represent; exhibit; give

REPEA’T, v.a. use again; do again; speak again

REPO’RT, s. rumour; popular fame; sound; loud noise

RE’PRESENT, v.a. exhibit; describe; personate; exhibit to show

REPRESENTA’TION, s. image; likeness; public exhibition

REPRIE’VE, s. respite after sentence of death

REPRI’SAL, s. something seized by way of retaliation for robbery or

RE’PTILE, s. an animal that creeps on many feet

REPU’BLIC, s. commonwealth; a government without a King or other
    hereditary head

REPU’GNANT, a. disobedient; contrary; opposite

REPU’LSE, v.a. beat back; drive off

REPUTA’TION, s. character of good or bad; credit

REPU’TE, s. character; reputation

REQUE’ST, s. petition; entreaty; demand

RE’QUIEM, s. a hymn, in which they ask for the dead, requiem or rest

REQUISITE, a. necessary

RE’SCUE, v.a. set free from any violence, confinement, or danger

RESE’MBLE, v. a to be like; to compare; to represent as like something

RESE’NTMENT, s. anger; deep sense of injury

RE’SERVOIR, s. a receiver; a large basin which receives water

RESIDENCE, s. dwelling; place of abode

RESOU’RCE, s. resort; expedient

RESPECTIVE, a. particular; relating to particular persons or things

RESPIRA’TION, s. the act of breathing; relief from toil

RESPLENDENT, a. bright; shining; having a beautiful lustre

RESPONSIBLE, a. answerable; accountable

RESTRAINT, s. abridgment of liberty; prohibition; restriction

RETALIATION, s. requital; return of like for like

RETA’RD, v.a. hinder; delay

RE’TINUE, s. a number attending upon a principal person; train

RETROSPECTION, s. act or faculty of looking backward

RETU’RN, s. the act of coming back to the same place; act of restoring
    or giving back

REVELA’TION, s. discovery; communication; apocalypse; the prophecy of
    St. John, revealing future things

REVE’NUE, s. income; annual profits received from lands or other funds

RE’VERENCE, s. veneration; respect; title of the clergy

REVE’RSE, v.a. turn upside down; overturn

RHINO’CERUS, s. a large animal with a horn on its nose

RHODODE’NDRON, s. the rose-bay

RI’BALDRY, s. mean, lewd, brutal language

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