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REBE’LLION, s. insurrection against lawful authority

RECE’DE, v.n. fall back; retreat; desist

RECEI’VE, v.a. obtain; admit; entertain as a guest

RE’CENT, a. new; late; fresh

RECE’PTACLE, s. a vessel or place into which anything is received

RECOGNITION, s. review; renovation of knowledge; acknowledgment;

RECOLLE’CTION, s. recovery of notion; revival in the memory

RECOMME’ND, v.a. make acceptable; praise another; commit with prayers

RECOMMENDA’TION, s. the act of recommending; that which secures to one
    a kind reception from another

RE’COMPENSE, s. reward; compensation

RECOMPENSE, v.a. repay; reward; redeem

RE’CORD, s. register; authentic memorial

RECREA’TION, s. relief after toil or pain; amusement; diversion

RE’CTIFY, v.a. to make right

RE’CTITUDE, s. straightness; rightness; uprightness

REDE’MPTION, s. ransom; relief; purchase of God’s favour by the death
    of Christ

REDU’CE, v.a. bring back; subdue; degrade

REFLECTION, s. that which is reflected; thought thrown back upon the
    past; attentive consideration

REFLE’CTOR, s. considerer

REFRA’CT, v.n. break the natural course of rays

REFU’LGENT, a. bright; splendid

REGA’LIA, s. ensigns of Royalty

REGA’RD, v.a. observe; remark; pay attention to

RE’GIMENT, s. a body of soldiers under one colonel

RE’GION, s. tract of land; country

RE’GULAR, a. methodical; orderly

REINFO’RCE, v.a. strengthen again

REJE’CT, v.a. cast off; refuse; throw aside

RE’LATIVE, s. a near friend; a relation; a kinsman

RE’LATIVE, a. having relation

RELAXATION, s. the act of loosening

RELA’XED, a. slackened; loosened; let loose; diverted; eased;

RELEA’SE, v.a. quit; let go; slacken; free from

RELE’NT, v.n. slacken; remit; soften; melt

RE’LIC, s. that which remains

RELIE’VE, v.a. ease pain or sorrow; succour by assistance; support;

RELI’GION, s. a system of divine faith and worship

RELU’CTANT, a. unwilling; acting with repugnance

REMAI’N, v.n. continue; endure; be left

REMAINDER, s. the part left

REMA’RKABLE, a. observable; worthy of note

RE’MEDY, s. a medicine by which any illness is cured; that which
    counteracts any evil; reparation

REME’MBER, v.a. bear in mind; not to

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