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PRO’VINCE, s. a conquered country; a region

PROVINCIAL, a. that which relates to provinces

PROVISION, s. the act of providing beforehand; measures taken
    beforehand; stock collected; victuals

PROVOCATION, s. an act or cause by which anger is raised; an appeal to
    a judge

PROXI’MITY, s. nearness

PTA’RMIGAN, s. (pronounced tar-mi-gan) a bird of the grouse species

PU’BLIC, s. the people; general view; open view

PU’LLEY, s. a small wheel turning on a pivot, with a furrow on its
    outside, in which a rope runs

PU’NISH, v.a. to chastise; to afflict with penalties or death for some

PU’NISHED, a. chastised

PU’PIL, s. a scholar; one under the care of a tutor

PU’RCHASE, v.a. acquire; buy for a price

PU’RITY, s. clearness; freedom from foulness or dirt; freedom from
    guilt; innocence

PU’RPOSE, v.t. intention; design; instance

PU’TRIFY, v.n. to rot

PU’ZZLE, v.a. perplex; confound; tease; entangle

PY’RAMID, s. a solid figure, whose base is a polygon and whose sides
    are plain triangles, their several points meeting in one

PYTHA’GORAS, s. the originator of the present system universe

PYTHAGORE’ANS, s. followers of Pythagoras

QUALIFICATION, s. accomplishment; that which makes any person or thing fit for anything

QUA’NTITY, s. any indeterminate weight or measure; bulk or weight; a
    portion; a part

QUA’RRY, s. game flown at by a hawk; a stone mine

RA’DIANT, a. shining; emitting rays

RAMIFICA’TION, s. division or separation into branches; small
    branches; branching out

RA’NCID, a. strong scented

RAPA’CIOUS, a. given to plunder; seizing by violence

RAPI’DITY, s. celerity; velocity; swiftness

RA’PTURE, s. transport; haste

RA’TTLE, s. a quick noise nimbly repeated; empty and loud talk; a

RA’TTLESNAKE, s. a kind of serpent, which has a rattle at the end of
    its tail

REA’CTION, s. the reciprocation of any impulse or force impressed,
    made by the body on which such an impression is made

RE’ALISE, v.a. bring into being or act; convert money into land.

REA’SON, s. the power by which man deduces one proposition from
    another; cause; ground or principle; motive; moderation

REASONABLENESS, s. the faculty of reason

REASONING, s. an argument

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