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PREFI’X, v.a. appoint beforehand; settle; establish; put before
    another thing

PRELI’MINARY, a. previous; introductory

PREJUDICE, s. prepossession; judgment formed beforehand; mischief;

PREPARATION, s. anything made by process of operation; previous

PREROGATIVE, s. an exclusive or peculiar privilege

PRE’SCIENT, a. foreknowing; prophetic

PRESENT, a. not past; not future; ready at hand; not absent; being
    face to face; being now in view

PRESE’NT, v.a. offer; exhibit

PRESE’RVE, v.a. save; keep; defend from destruction or any evil

PRESU’MPTION, s. arrogance; blind confidence

PREVE’NT, v.a. hinder; obviate; obstruct

PRINCIPAL, a. chief; capital; essential; important; considerable

PRINCIPLE, s. constituent part; original cause

PRO’BABLE, a. likely

PRO’BABLY, a. very likely

PROBA’TION, s. proof; trial; noviciate

PROCEE’D, v.n. pass from one thing or place to another; go forward;
    issue; arise; carry on; act; transact

PRO’CESS, s. course of law; course

PROCE’SSION, s. a train marching in ceremonious solemnity

PRODI’GIOUS, a. enormous; amazing; monstrous

PRO’DUCE, s. amount; profit; that which anything yields or brings

PRODU’CE, v.a. offer to the view or notice; bear; cause; effect

PRODU’CTION, s. the act of producing; fruit; product; composition

PROFESSION, s. vocation; known employment

PROFU’SE, a. lavish; too liberal

PROFUSION, s. extravagance; abundance

PRO’GRESS, s. course; advancement; motion forward

PROHI’BIT, v.a. forbid; debar; hinder

PROJE’CT, v.a. throw out; scheme; contrive; form in the mind

PRO’PAGATE, v.a. extend; widen; promote

PRO’PER, a. fit; exact; peculiar

PRO’PHECY, s. a declaration of something to come

PROPHE’TIC, a. foreseeing or foretelling future events

PROPORTION, s. symmetry; form; size; ratio

PROPOSITION, s. one of the three parts of a regular argument, in which
    anything is affirmed or denied; proposal

PROPRIETOR, s. possessor in his own right

PROPRI’ETY, s. accuracy; justness

PROSA’IC, a. belonging to or resembling prose

PROTE’CTOR, s. defender; supporter; guardian

PROTRU’DE, v.a. thrust forward

PROVI’DE, v.a. procure; furnish; supply; stipulate

PROVIDE’NTIAL, a. effected by Providence; referrible to Providence

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