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PE’NANCE, s. infliction, either public or private, suffered as an
    expression of repentance for sin

PE’NDULOUS, a. hanging

PE’NETRATE, v.a. enter beyond the surface; make way into a body;
    affect the mind

PENINSULA, s. laud almost surrounded by water

PE’NURY, s. poverty; indigence

PE’OPLE, s. a nation; the vulgar

PERCEI’VE, v.a. discover by some sensible effects; know; observe

PERCE’PTIBLE, a. such as may be known or observed

PERFECTION, s. the state of being perfect

PERFO’RM, v.a. execute; do; accomplish

PE’RFORATE, v.a. pierce with a tool; bore

PERHA’PS, ad. peradventure; may be

PE’RIL, s. danger; hazard; jeopardy

PE’RIOD, s. length of duration; a complete sentence from one full stop
    to another; the end or conclusion

PE’RISIH, v.n. die; be destroyed; be lost; come to nothing

PE’RMANENT, a. durable; unchanged; of long continuance

PERNI’CIOUS, a. destructive; baneful

PERPENDICULAR, a. a straight line up and down

PERPE’TUAL, a. never-ceasing; continual

PERPLE’X, v.a. disturb; distract; tease; plague

PERPLE’XITY, s. anxiety; entanglement

PE’RSECUTE, v.a. to harass or pursue with malignity

PERSEVE’RANCE, s. persistence in any design or attempt; constancy in

PERTINA’CITY, s. obstinacy; stubbornness; constancy

PERTURBA’TION, s. restlessness; disturbance

PERU’SAL, s. the act of reading

PETI’TION, s. request; entreaty; single branch or article of prayer

PHA’LANX, s. a troop of men closely embodied

PHENO’MENON, s. appearance

PHILOSOPHER, s. a man deep in knowledge

PHILOSOPHICAL, a. belonging to philosophy

PHILO’SOPHY, s. moral or natural knowledge

PHY’SICAL, a. relating to nature or to natural philosophy; medicinal;
    relating to health

PICTO’RIAL, a. produced by a painter

PIC’TURESQUE, a. beautiful; magnificent

PI’LCHARD, s. a kind of fish

PI’LGRIMAGE, s. a long journey

PI’OUS, a. careful of the duties owed by created beings to God; godly;

PI’RATE, s. a sea robber

PISTA’CHIO, s. a dry fruit of an oblong figure

PI’TIABLE, a. that which deserves pity

PLA’CABLE, a. willing or able to be appeased

PLA’INTIVE, a. complaining; lamenting; expressive of sorrow

PLA’NETARY, a. pertaining to the planets; produced by the planets

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