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OVERTHRO’W, v.a. turn upside down; throw down; ruin; defeat; destroy

OVERWHE’LM, v.a. crush underneath something violent and weighty;
    overlook gloomily

PACI’FIC, a. mild; gentle; appeasing

PA’LACE, a. a royal house

PA’LTRY, a. worthless; contemptible; mean

PA’RADISE, s. the blissful region in which the first pair were placed;
    any place of felicity

PA’RALLEL, a. extending in the same direction; having the same

PARALLE’LOGRAM, s. in geometry, a right-lined four-sided figure, whose
    opposite sides are parallel and equal

PA’RAPET, s. a wall breast high

PA’RCEL, s. a small bundle; a part of a whole

PA’RDON, s. forgiveness

PARO’CHIAL, a. belonging to a parish

    PARO’TIDA-SA’LIVART, a. glands so named because near the ear

PA’RTICLE, s. any small quantity of a greater substance; a word
    unvaried by inflection

PARTICULAR, s. a single instance; a minute detail of things singly
    enumerated.  IN PARTICULAR, peculiarly; distinctly

PARTICULARLY, ad. in an extraordinary degree; distinctly

PA’SSAGE, s. act of passing; road; way; entrance or exit; part of a

PA’SSENGER, s. traveller; a wayfarer; one who hires in any vehicle the
    liberty of travelling

PA’SSIONATE, a. moved by passion; easily moved to anger

PA’SSIVE, a. unresisting; suffering; not acting

PA’STORAL, a. rural; rustic; imitating shepherds

PATHE’TIC, a. affecting the passions; moving

PA’THOS, s. passion; warmth; affection of the mind

PA’THWAY, s. a road; a narrow way to be passed on foot.

PA’TIENCE, s. the power of suffering; perseverance

PA’TIENTLY, ad. with steadfast resignation; with hopeful confidence

PA’TRIARCH, a. one who governs by paternal right; the father and ruler
    of a family

PA’THIMONY, s. an estate possessed by inheritance

PA’TRIOT, s. one who loves his country

PA’TRON, s. one who countenances, supports, or protects; defender

PEA’CEABLE, a. not quarrelsome; not turbulent

PE’CTORAL, a. belonging to the breast

PECU’LIAR, a. appropriate; not common to other things; particular

PECULIARITY, s. particularity; something found only in one

PE’DESTAL, a. the lower member of a pillar; the basis of a statue

PE’DIMENT, s. an ornament that finishes the fronts of buildings, and
    serves as a decoration over gates

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