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NA’TIVE, a. original; natural

NA’TIVE, s. one born in any place

NA’TURAL, a. produced or effected by nature; not forced; tender

NA’TURALIST, s. one who studies nature, more especially as regards
    inferior animals, plants, &c.

NA’TURE, s. constitution of an animated body; regular course of
    things; disposition of mind; native state or properties of anything;
    sort; species

NAU’TICAL, a. that which relates to a sailor

NA’VIGABLE, a. capable of being passed by ships or boats

NAVIGA’TOR, s. a sailor; seaman

NE’CESSARY, a. needful

NECE’SSITY, s. compulsion; want; need; poverty

NEGO’TIATION, s. treaty of business

NEI’GHBOURHOOD, s. vicinity; place adjoining

NE’ITHER, pron. not either; nor one nor other

NICHE, s. a hollow hi which a statue may be placed

NIDIFICA’TION, s. the act of building nests

NI’MBLY, ad. quickly; speedily; actively

NI’TROUS, a. impregnated with nitre

NOBI’LITY, s. high-mindedness; the highest class of people in
    civilized life

NO’BLE, a. magnificent; great; illustrious

NO’TICE, s. remark; heed; regard; information

NOTWITHSTA’NDING, conj. although; nevertheless

NO’XIOUS, a. hurtful; harmful; baneful; guilty

NU’MBER, s. many; more than one.

NU’MBERLESS, a. more than can be reckoned

NU’MEROUS, a. containing many; consisting of many

NU’TRIMENT, s. food

OBE’DIENCE, s. submission to authority

OBE’ISANCE, s. courtesy

O’BJECT, s. that about which any power or faculty is employed

OBJE’CTION, s. adverse argument; criminal charge; fault found; the act
    of opposing anything

OBLI’QUE, a. not direct; not parallel; not perpendicular

OBLI’VION, s. forgetfulness

OBNO’XIOUS, a. hateful; hurtful; injurious

OBSERVA’TION, s. the act of observing, noticing, or remarking; note;

OBSE’RVE, v.a. watch; regard attentively note; obey; follow

O’BSTINACY, s. stubbornness

OBSTRU’CT, v.a. block up; oppose; hinder

OCCA’SION, s. occurrence; casualty; incident; opportunity; convenience

OCCA’SION, v.a. cause; produce; influence

O’CCUPY, v.a. possess; keep; take up; employ; use

OFFE’NSIVE, a. displeasing; disgusting; injurious

O’FFER, v.a. present itself; be at hand; be present

O’FFER, v.a. propose; present; sacrifice

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