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MISFO’RTUNE, s. calamity; ill-luck

MI’SSILE, s. something thrown by the hand

MI’SSIONARY, s. one sent to propagate religion

MI’XTURE, s. the act of mixing; that which is added and mixed

MO’ATED, a. surrounded with canals by way of defence

MO’DERATE, a. temperate; not excessive

MODERA’TION, s. state of keeping a due mean between extremities

MO’DESTY, s. decency; purity of manners

MODULA’TION, s. the act of forming anything to certain proportion;

MO’LTEN, part. pass. the state of being melted

MO’MENT, s. an individual particle of time; force; importance

MOME’NTUM, s. the quantity of motion in a moving body

MO’NARCH, s. a sovereign; a ruler; a king or queen

MO’NASTERY, s. a residence of monks

MO’NEY, s. metal coined for the purposes of commerce

MO’NKEY, s. an animal bearing some resemblance to man; a word of
    contempt, or slight kindness

MO’NUMENT, s. anything by which the memory of persons or things is
    preserved; a memorial; a tomb

MO’RALIST, s. one who teaches the duties of life

MORA’LITY, s. the doctrine of the duties of life

MO’RNING, s. the first part of the day

MO’RTAR, s. a cement for fixing bricks together; otherwise, a kind of
    cannon for firing bomb-shells; a kind of vessel in which anything is
    broken by a pestle

MO’RTIFY, v.a. destroy vital properties, or active powers; vex;
    humble; depict; corrupt; die away

MO’SLEM, s. a Mussulman; relating to the Mahometan form of religion

MOSQUE, s. a Mahometan temple

MO’TION, s. the act of changing place; action; agitation; proposal

MO’ULDED, v.n. be turned to dust; perish in dust

MO’UNTAINOUS, a. hilly; full of mountains; huge

MO’VEABLE, a. capable of being moved; portable

MULETE’ER, s. mule-driver; horse-boy

MULTIPLI’CITY, s. more than one of the same kind; state of being many

MU’LTITUDE, s. a large crowd of people; a vast assembly

MU’RMUR, v.n. grumble; utter secret and sullen discontent

MU’SSULMAN, s. a Mahometan believer

MU’TILATE, v.a. deprive of some essential part

MU’TUALLY, ad. reciprocally; in return

MY’RIAD, s. the number of ten thousand; proverbially any great number

NA’RROW, a. not broad or wide; small; close; covetous; near

NA’TION, s. a people distinguished from another people

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