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MA’STERPIECE, s. chief excellence

MATE’RIAL, a. consisting of matter; not spiritual; important

MATHEMA’TICS, s. that science which contemplates whatever is capable
    of being numbered or measured

MA’XIM, s. general principle; leading truth

ME’ASURE, s. that by which anything is measured; proportion; quantity;
    time; degree

MECHA’NIC, s. a workman

MECHA’NICAL, a. constructed by the laws of mechanics

ME’DAL, s. a piece of metal stamped in honour of some remarkable

MEDI’CINAL, a. having the power of healing; belonging to physic

MEDITA’TION, s. deep thought; contemplation

ME’DIUM, s. the centre point between two extremes

ME’LANCHOLY, a. gloomy; dismal; sorrowful

ME’LLOW, a. soft with ripeness; soft; unctuous

MELO’DIOUS, a. musical; harmonious

ME’MBRANE, s. a web of several sorts of fibres, interwoven for the
    wrapping up some parts; the fibres give them an elasticity, whereby
    they can contract and closely grasp the parts they contain

MEMBRA’NOUS, a. consisting of membranes

ME’MOIR, s. an account of anything

ME’MORABLE, a. worthy of memory; not to be forgotten

ME’MORY, s. the power of retaining or recollecting things past;

MENA’GERIE, s. a place for keeping foreign birds and other curious

ME’NTION, v.a. to express in words or in writing

ME’RCHANDISE, s. commerce; traffic; wares; anything to be bought or

ME’RCHANTMAN, s. a ship of trade

META’LLIC, a. partaking of metal; consisting of metal

ME’TEOR, s. any body in the air or sky that is of a transitory nature

ME’TRICAL, a. pertaining to metre or numbers; consisting of verses

METROPO’LITAN, a. belonging to a metropolis

MI’CROSCOPE, s. an optical instrument, contrived to give to the eye a
    large appearance of many objects which could not otherwise be seen

MI’LITARY, a. engaged in the life of a soldier; soldierlike warlike;
    pertaining to war; affected by soldiers

MIND, s. intellectual capacity; memory; opinion

MI’NERAL, s. fossil body; something dug out of mines

MI’NSTER, s. a monastery; a cathedral church

MI’NSTRELSY, s. music; instrumental harmony

MINU’TE, a. small; little; slender

MI’RACLE, s. a wonder; something above human power

MIRA’CULOUS, a. done by miracle

MI’RROR, s. a looking-glass

MI’SERY, s. wretchedness; calamity; misfortune

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