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LI’NEAR, a. composed of lines; having the form of lines

LI’QUID, a. not solid; fluid; soft; clear

LI’QUOR, s. anything liquid; strong drink, in familiar language

LI’STEN, v.a. hear; attend

LI’TERALLY, ad. with close adherence to words

LI’TERARY, a. respecting letters; regarding learning

LI’TERATURE, s. learning; skill in letters

LI’TURGY, s. form of prayer

LOCA’LITY, s. existence in place

LOCOMO’TIVE, a. changing place; having the power of removing or
    changing place

LO’CUST, s. a devouring insect

LU’DICROUS, a. fantastic; laughable; whimsical

LU’MINARY, a. any body which gives light

LU’MINOUS, a. shining; enlightened

LU’NAR, a. that which relates to the moon

LU’PINE, s. a kind of pulse

LUXU’RIANT, a. superfluously plentiful

MACHINE, s. an engine; any complicated work in which one part contributes to the motion of another

MACHI’NERY, s. enginery; complicated workmanship

MAGAZI’NE, s. a storehouse

MA’GICAL, a. acted or performed by secret and invisible powers

MAGNANI’MITY, s. greatness of mind

MAGNA’NIMOUS, a. of great mind; of open heart

MAGNI’FICENT, a. grand in appearance; splendid; otherwise, pompous

MAJE’STIC, a. august; having dignity; grand

MAJO’RITY, s. the state of being greater; the greater number; the
    office of a major

MALE’VOLENCE, s. ill-will; inclination to hurt others

MA’LICE, s. hatred; enmity; desire of hurting

MALI’CIOUS, a. desirous of hurting; with wicked design

MALI’GNANT, a. envious; malicious; mischievous

MALI’GNITY, s. ill-will; enmity

MA’NDIBLE, s. a jaw

MA’NKIND, s. the race or species of human beings

MA’NNER, s. form; method; way; mode; sort

MANUFA’CTORY, s. a place where a manufacture is carried on

MANOEUVRE, s. a stratagem; a trick

MARA’UDER, s. a soldier that roves in quest of plunder

MA’RGIN, s. the brink; the edge

MA’RINER, s. a seaman

MA’RITIME, a. that which relates to the sea

MA’RSHAL, v.a. arrange; rank in order

MA’RTYR, s. one who by his death bears witness to the truth

MA’RVELLOUS, a. wonderful; strange; astonishing

MA’SONRY, s. the craft or performance of a mason

MA’SSACRE, s. butchery; murder

MA’SSIVE, a. heavy; weighty; ponderous; bulky; continuous

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