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JE’WEL, s. a precious stone; a teem

JO’CUND, a. merry; gay; lively

JO’URNEY, s. the travel of a day; passage from place to place

JO’YOUS, a. glad; gay; merry; giving joy

JUDI’CIOUS, a. prudent; wise; skilful

JU’GGLER, s. one who practises sleight of hand

JU’NCTION, s. union; coalition

JU’STIFY, v.a. clear from imputed guilt; maintain

KANGARO’O, s. an animal found in Australia

KE’RNEL, s. anything included in a husk; the seeds of pulpy fruits

KI’NGDOM, s. the territories subject to a monarch; a different class
    or order of beings, as the mineral kingdom; a region

KNI’GHTHOOD, s. the character or dignity of a knight

KNO’WLEDGE, s. information

KNU’CKLE, s. joints of the fingers, protuberant when the fingers close

LABU’RNUM, s. a kind of tree

LA’MENTABLE, a. deplorable

LAMENTA’TION, s. expression of sorrow; audible grief

LA’NCEOLATE, a. in a lance-like form

LA’NDSCAPE, s. the prospect of a country; a picture of the prospect of
    a country

LA’NGUAGE, s. human speech; style; manner of expression

LA’NGUOR, s. faintness; softness; inattention

LA’RVA, s. an insect in the caterpillar state

LA’TENT, a. concealed; invisible

LA’TERALLY, ad. by the side

LA’TITUDE, s. latent diffusion; a certain degree reckoned from the

LA’TTER, a. lately done or past; mentioned last of two

LA’VA, s. molten substance projected from volcanoes

LE’AFLET, s. a small leaf

LE’GION, s. a body of Roman soldiers, consisting of about five
    thousand; military force; a great number

LE’NITY, s. mildness; gentleness

LENS, s. a glass spherically convex on both sides

LEVA’NT, s. east, particularly those coasts of the Mediterranean east
    of Italy

LEVI’ATHAN, s. a water-animal mentioned in the Book of Job

LI’ABLE, a. subject; not exempt

LI’BERAL, a. not mean; generous; bountiful

LI’BERATE, v.a. free from confinement

LI’BERTY, s. freedom, as opposed to slavery; privilege; permission

LICE’NTIOUSNESS, s. boundless liberty; contempt of just restraint

LI’CHEN, s. moss

LIEUTE’NANT, s. a deputy; in war, one who holds the next rank to a
    superior of any denomination

LI’GHTHOUSE, s. a house built either upon a rock or some other place
    of danger, with a light, in order to warn ships of danger

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