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INTE’NSE, a. excessive; very great

INTE’R, v.a. cover under ground; to bury

INTERCE’PT, v.a. to hinder; to stop

I’NTERCOURSE, s. commerce; communication

I’NTEREST, s. concern; advantage; good; influence over others

INTERE’ST, v.n. affect; move; touch with passion

INTERLO’CUTOR, s. a dialogist; one that talks with another

INTERME’DIATE, a. intervening; interposed

INTE’RMINABLE, a. immense; without limits

INTE’RPRETER, s. one that interprets

INTERRU’PT, v.a. hinder the process of anything by breaking in upon it

INTERSE’CTION, s. point where lines cross each other

I’NTERSPACE, s. space between

INTERSPE’RSE, v.a. to scatter here and there among other things

INTERVE’NE, v.n. to come between

I’NTERVIEW, s. mutual sight; sight of each other

INTERWE’AVE, v.a. to intermingle; to mix one with another in a regular

I’NTIMATE, a. inmost; inward; near; familiar

INTONA’TION, s. the act of thundering

INTO’XICATE, v.a. to inebriate; to make drunk

I’NTRICATE, a. entangled; perplexed; obscure

INTRI’GUER, s. one that intrigues

INTRI’NSIC, a. inward; real; true

INTRODU’CTION, s. the act of bringing anything into notice or
    practice; the preface or part of a book containing previous matter

INTRU’DER, s. one who forces himself into company or affairs without
    right or welcome

INUNDA’TION, s. the overflow of waters; the flood; a confluence of any

INVA’LUABLE, a. precious above estimation

INVA’RIABLE, a. unchangeable; constant

INVESTIGATION, s. the act of investigating; the state of being

INVI’NCIBLE, a. not capable of being conquered

INVI’SIBLE, a. not to be seen

I’RIS, s. the rainbow; the circle round the pupil of the eye

IRRA’DIATE, v.a. brighten; animate by heat or light; illuminate

IRRE’GULAR, a. deviating from rule, custom, or nature

I’RRIGATE, v.a. wet; moisten; water

I’RRITATE, v.a. provoke; tease; agitate

IRRITA’TION, s. provocation; stimulation

I’SLAND, s. a tract of land surrounded by water

I’SSUE, v.a. send forth

ITA’LIC, s. a letter in the Italian character

JA’VELIN, s. a spear; a dart; an implement of war

JE’ALOUSY, s. suspicion in love; suspicious fear; suspicious caution

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