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INGE’NIOUS, a. witty; inventive

INGENU’ITY, s. wit; invention; genius; subtlety

INGLO’RIOUS, a. void of honour; mean; without glory

INGRA’TITUDE, s. unthankfulness

INHA’BITANT, s. dweller; one that lives in a place

INHE’RENT, a. existing in something else, so as to be inseparable from
    it; innate

INI’MITABLE, a. not able to be imitated; that which is incapable of

INJU’RIOUS, a. hurtful; baneful; capable of injuring; that which
    injures; destructive

INJU’STICE, s. iniquity; wrong

INNU’MEROUS, a. innumerable; too many to be counted

INQUI’SITIVE, a. curious; busy in search; active to pry into

INSCRI’PTION, s. something written or engraved; title

I’NSECT, s. a small animal.  Insects are so called from a separation in
    the middle of their bodies, whereby they are cut into two parts,
    which are joined together by a small ligature, as we see in wasps
    and common flies

INSE’NSIBLY, ad. imperceptibly; in such a manner as is not discovered
    by the senses

INSE’RT, v.a. place in or among other things

INSI’DIOUS, a. sly; diligent to entrap; treacherous

INSI’GNIA, s. ensigns; arms

INSIGNI’FICANT, a. unimportant

INSI’PID, a. tasteless; void of taste

INSIPI’DITY, s. want of taste; want of life or spirit

I’NSOLENCE, s. petulant contempt

INSPE’CT, v.a. to examine; to look over

INSPE’CTION, s. prying examination; superintendence

INSPIRA’TION, s. infusion of ideas into the mind by divine power; the
    act of drawing breath

INSTABI’LITY, s. inconstancy; fickleness

I’NSTANT, a. instant is such a part of duration wherein we perceive
    no succession; present or current month

I’NSTANTLY, ad. immediately

I’NSTINCT, s. natural desire or aversion; natural tendency

INSTITU’TION, s. establishment; settlement; positive law

INSTRU’CT, v.a. teach; form by precept; form authoritatively; educate;
    model; form

INSTRU’CTION, s. the act of teaching; information

INSUFFI’CIENT, a. inadequate to any need, use, or purpose; unfit

INTE’GRITY, s. honesty; straightforwardness; uprightness

INTELLE’CTUAL, a. relating to the understanding; mental; transacted by
    the understanding

INTE’LLIGENCE, s. commerce of information; spirit; understanding

INTE’LLIGIBLE, a. possible to be understood

INTE’MPERANCE, s. the act of overdoing something

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