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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 275 pages of information about The Illustrated London Reading Book.

I’DOL, s. an image worshipped as God; one loved or honoured to

IGNO’BLE, a. mean of birth; worthless

IGUA’NA, s. a reptile of the lizard species

ILLE’GAL, a. unlawful

ILLUMINA’TION, s. brightness; splendour

ILLU’MINATIVE, a. having the power to give light

ILLU’SION, s. mockery; false show

ILLU’STRATE, v.a. brighten with light; brighten with honour; explain;

ILLUSTRA’TION, s. explanation; example; exposition

ILLU’STRIOUS, a. conspicuous; noble; eminent

I’MAGE, s. a statue; a picture; an idol; a copy

IMA’GINARY, a. fanciful; poetical

IMAGINATION, s. fancy; conception; contrivance; scheme

I’MITATE, v.a. copy; counterfeit; resemble

IMMATE’RIAL, a. incorporeal; unimportant

IMMEA’SURABLE, a. immense; not to be measured

IMME’DIATELY, ad. without the intervention of any other cause or event

IMME’NSE, a. unlimited; unbounded; infinite

I’MMINENT, a. unavoidable; perilous

IMMO’RTALISE, v.a. to render immortal

IMMORTA’LITY, s. exemption from death; life never to end

IMPA’RT, v.a. grant; give; communicate

IMPA’RTIAL, a. indifferent; disinterested; just

IMPA’SSABLE, a. not to be passed; not admitting passage

IMPA’SSIBLE, a. incapable of suffering

IMPA’TIENT, a. not able to endure; hasty; eager

IMPERCE’PTIBLE, a. not to be discovered; not to be perceived; small

IMPERFE’CTION, s. defect; failure; fault

IMPE’RIAL, a. belonging to an emperor, king, or queen; regal;

IMPE’RIOUS, a. commanding; powerful

IMPE’TUOUS, a. violent; forcible; vehement

IMPLA’CABILITY, s. irreconcileable enmity

IMPLI’CITLY, ad. with unreserved confidence

IMPO’RT, v.a. carry into any country from abroad

IMPO’RTANCE, s. thing imported, or implied; consequence; matter

IMPO’RTANT, a. momentous; weighty; of great consequence; forcible

IMPO’SE, v.a. lay on as a burden or penalty; deceive; fix on

IMPO’SSIBLE, a. that which cannot be; that which cannot be done

IMPRE’GNABLE, a. invincible; unsubdueable

IMPRE’SSION, s. the act of pressing one body upon another; mark made
    by pressure; image fixed in the mind

IMPULSE, s. communicated love; the effect of one body upon another

IMPU’NITY, s. freedom from punishment; exemption from punishment

INABI’LITY, s. want of power; impotence

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