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GRA’VITY, s. weight; tendency to the centre; seriousness; solemnity

GROTE’SQUE, a. distorted of figure; unnatural

GUARD, s. part of the hilt of a sword; a man or body of men whose
    business is to watch

GUIDE, s. director; regulator

HABITATION, s. place of abode; dwelling

HABI’TUALLY, ad. customarily; by habit

HA’GGARD, a. deformed; ugly

HARA’NGUE, v.n. make a speech

HA’RMONIZE, v.a. to adjust in fit proportion

HARPO’ON, s. a bearded dart, with a line fastened to the handle, with
    which whales are struck and caught

HA’ZARDOUS, a. perilous, dangerous

HE’AVY, a. weighty; burdened; depressed

HE’RALDRY, s. the art or office of a herald; registers of genealogies

HE’RBAGE, s. grass; pasture; herbs collectively

HERBI’VOROUS, a. that eats herbs

HERE’DITARY, a. possessed or claimed by right of inheritance;
    descending by inheritance

HE’RETIC, s. one who propagates his private opinions in opposition to
    the Catholic Church

HE’YDAY, s. frolic; wildness

HI’DEOUS, a. frightful; ugly

HIPPOPO’TAMUS, s. a large animal—­the river horse

HISTO’RIAN, s. a writer of facts and events

HISTO’RICAL, a. that which relates to history

HI’STORY, s. narration; the knowledge of facts and events

HO’LLOW, a. excavated; not solid; not sound

HO’NEY, s. a sweet substance produced by bees

HO’NOUR, s. dignity; fame; reputation; glory

HO’RIZON, s. the line that terminates the view

HO’SPITABLE, a. giving entertainment to strangers; kind to strangers

HO’TTENTO’T, s. a native of the south of Africa

HOWE’VER, ad. in whatsoever manner; at all events; happen what will;

HOWI’TZER, s. a kind of bomb

HU’MAN, a. having the qualities of a man; belonging to man

HUMA’NITY, s. the nature of man; benevolence

HU’MBLE, a. not proud; modest; low

HU’MID, a. wet; moist; watery

HUMI’LITY, s. freedom from pride; modesty

HU’NDRED, s. a company or body consisting of a hundred.

HU’RRICANE, s. a blast; a tempest

HYDRAU’LIC, a. relating to the conveyance of water through pipes

HY’DROGEN, s. a gas, one of the component parts of the atmosphere

I’CEBERG, s. a hill of ice; a moving island of ice

I’CICLE, s. a pendent shoot of ice

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