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FRE’QUENT, a. often done; often seen; often occurring

FRE’SCO, s. coolness; shade; duskiness; a picture not drawn in glaring
    light, but in dusk

FRI’CTION, s. the act of rubbing two bodies together

FRI’VOLOUS, a. trifling; wasteful; dawdling

FRO’NTIER, s. the limit; the utmost verge of any territory

FU’RNACE, s. a large fire

FU’RNISH, v.a. supply with what is necessary; fit up; equip; decorate

GA’BLE, s. the sloping roof of a building

GA’LAXY, s. the Milky Way

GA’LLANT, a. brave; daring; noble

G’ALLEY, a. a vessel used in the Mediterranean

GA’RDEN, s. piece of ground enclosed and cultivated

GA’RMENT, s. anything by which the body is covered

GA’RRISON, s. fortified place, stored with soldiers

GAUGE, s. a measure; a standard

GENEA’LOGY, s. history of the succession of families

GE’NERAL, a. common; usual; extensive, though not universal; public

GENERA’TION, s. a family; a race; an age

GE’NEROUS, a. noble of mind; magnanimous; open of heart

GE’NIAL, a. that gives cheerfulness, or supports life; natural; native

GE’NTLE, a. soft; mild; tame; meek; peaceable

GEOGRA’PHICAL, a. that which relates to geography

GEO’GRAPHY, s. knowledge of the earth

GE’STURE, s. action or posture expressive of sentiment

GI’ANT, s. a man of size above the ordinary rate of men; a man
    unnaturally large

GIGA’NTIC, a. suitable to a giant; enormous

GLA’CIER, s. a mountain of ice

GLA’NDULAR, a. having glands

GLI’STER, v.n. shine; to be bright

GLO’BULE, s. a small particle of matter of a round figure, as the red
    particles of the blood

GLO’RIOUS, a. noble; excellent; illustrious

GLO’SSY, a. shiny; smoothly polished

GO’RGEOUS, a. fine; magnificent; gaudy; showy

GO’SLING, s. a young goose; a catkin on nut-trees and pines

GO’SSAMER, s. the web of a male spider

GOUT, s. a disease attended with great pain

GO’VERNOR, s. one who has the supreme direction; a tutor

GRADA’TION, s. regular progress from one degree to another; order;

GRA’DUALLY, ad. by degrees; step by step

GRA’NDEUR, s. splendour of appearance; magnificence

GRANGE, s. a farm

GRATIFICA’TION, s. pleasure; something gratifying

GRA’TITUDE, s. duty to benefactors; desire to return benefits

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