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EXTE’ND, v.a. stretch out; diffuse; impart

EXTE’NSIVE, a. large; wide; comprehensive

EXTE’RIOR, a. outward; external

EXTE’RNAL, a. outward

EXTI’NGUISH, v.a. put out; destroy; obscure

EXTI’RPATE, v.a. root out; eradicate

E’XTRACT, s. the chief parts drawn from anything

EXTRAO’RDINARY, a. different from common order and method; eminent;

EXTRA’VAGANT, a. wasteful; not saving; otherwise, improbable, false

EXTRE’MELY, ad. greatly; very much; in the utmost degree

EXTRE’MITY, s. the utmost point; highest degree; parts at the greatest

FACI’LITY, s. ease; dexterity; affability

FA’CTORY, s. a house or district inhabited by traders in a distant
    country; traders embodied in one place

FA’CULTY, s. the power of doing anything; ability

FAMI’LIAR, a. domestic; free; well known; common; unceremonious

FAMI’LIARITY, s. easiness of conversation; acquaintance

FA’MILY, s. those who live in the same house; household; race; clans

FA’MOUS, a. renowned; celebrated

FANA’TICISM, s. madness; frenzy; insanity

FANTA’STIC, a. whimsical; fanciful; imaginary

FA’RTHER, ad. at a greater distance; beyond this

FA’SHION, v.a. form; mould; figure; make according to the rule
    prescribed by custom

FA’TAL, a. deadly; mortal; appointed by destiny

FATI’GUE, s. weariness

FATI’GUE, v.a. tire; weary

FAUN, s. a kind of rural deity

FA’VOURITE, s. a person or thing beloved; one regarded with favour

FE’ATHER, s. plume of birds

FE’ATURE, s. the cast or make of the face; any lineament or single
    part of the face

FE’ELING, s. the sense of touch; sensibility; tenderness; perception

FERMENTA’TION, s. a slow motion of the particles of a mixed body,
    arising usually from the operation of some active acid matter; as
    when leaven or yeast ferments bread or wort

FERO’CITY, s. savageness; wildness; fierceness

FE’RTILE, a. fruitful; abundant; plenteous

FERTI’LITY, s. abundance; fruitfulness

FE’STAL, a. festive; joyous; gay

FE’STIVAL, a. time of feast; anniversary-day of civil or religious joy

FESTO’ON, s. In architecture, an ornament of carved work in the form
    of a wreath or garland of flowers or leaves twisted together

FEU’DAL, a. dependant; held by tenure

FI’BRE, s. a small thread or string

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