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The Illustrated London Reading Book eBook

This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 275 pages of information about The Illustrated London Reading Book.

EFFE’CTUAL, a. productive of effects; expressive of facts

EFFE’MINACY, s. softness; unmanly delicacy

E’FFLUENCE, s. what issues from some other principle

E’FFULGENCE, s. lustre; brightness; splendour

EFFU’SE, v.a. to pour out; to spill, to shed

EJA’CULATION, s. an exclamation

ELA’BORATE, a. finished with care

ELE’CTRIC, a. relating to electricity

    ELE’CTRO-MA’GNETISM, s. a branch of electrical science

E’LEGANCE, s. beauty, rather soothing than striking; beauty without

E’LEGY, s. a mournful song; short poem without points or turns

E’LEPHANT, s. a large quadruped

E’LEVA’TED, a. exalted; raised up; progressed in rank

ELEVA’TION, s. the act of raising up aloft; exaltation

ELOCU’TION, s. the power of fluent speech; the power of expression;
    eloquence; flow of language

E’LOQUENCE, s. the power or speaking with fluency and elegance

ELU’DE, v.a. to mock by unexpected escape

E’MANATE, v.a. to issue; to flow from something else

EMBA’LM, v.a. impregnate a body with aromatics, that it may resist

EMBA’RK, v.n. to go on board a ship; to engage in any affair

EMBROI’DERY, s. variegated work; figures raised upon a ground

E’MERALD, s. a precious stone of a green colour

EME’RGE, v.n. to issue; to proceed; to rise

EME’RGENCY, s. the act of rising into view; any sudden occasion;
    pressing necessity

E’MINENCE, s. loftiness; height; summit; distinction

E’MINENT, a. celebrated; renowned

EMI’T, v.a. to send forth; to let fly; to dart

EMO’LUMENT, s. profit; advantage

E’MPEROR, s. a monarch of title and dignity superior to a king

EMPLO’Y, v.a. busy; keep at work; use as materials; trust with the
    management of any affairs; use as means

E’MULATE, v.a. to vie

EMULA’TION, s. rivalry; desire of superiority

ENA’BLE, v.a. make able; confer power

ENCA’MPMENT, s. the act of encamping or pitching tents; a camp

ENCHA’NTMENT, s. magical charms; spells; irresistible influence

ENCI’RCLING, a. environing; surrounding

ENCLO’SE, v.a. part from things or grounds common by a fence;
    surround; encompass

ENCOU’NTER, v.a. meet face to face; attack

ENCRO’ACHMENT, s. an unlawful gathering in upon another man; advance
    into the territories or rights of another

ENDA’NGER, v.a. put in hazard; incur the danger of

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