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DISSO’LVE, v.n. be melted; fall to nothing

DISTANCE, s. remoteness in place; retraction of kindness; reserve

DISTE’MPER, s. disease; malady; bad constitution of the mind

DISTI’NCTION, s. the act of discerning one as preferable to the other;
    note of difference; honourable note of superiority; discernment

DISTINCTLY, ad. not confusedly; plainly; clearly

DISTRE’SS, s. calamity; misery; misfortune

DISTRI’BUTE, v.a. to deal out; to dispensate

DI’STRICT, s. region; country; territory

DIVE’RGE, v.n. send various ways from one point

DIVE’RSIFY, v.a. make different from another

DIVE’RSION, s. the act of turning anything off from its course

DIVE’RSITY, s. difference; dissimilitude; unlikeness; variety

DIVI’DE, v.a. part one whole in different pieces; separate; deal out

DI’VIDEND, s. a share

DO’CILE, a. teachable; easily instructed; tractable

DOMA’IN, s. dominion; possession; estate; empire

DOME’STIC, a. belonging to the house; private

DOME’STICATE, v.a. make domestic; withdraw from the public

DOMI’NION, s. sovereign authority; power; territory

DO’RSAL, a. pertaining to the back

DO’UBLE, a. two of a sort; in pairs; twice as much

DRAMA’TIC, a. representable by action

DRA’MATIST, s. author of dramatic compositions

DRAW’INGROOM, s. a room to which company withdraw—­originally

DRE’ADFUL, a. terrible; frightful

DRE’ARINESS, s. gloominess; sorrowfulness

DRE’ARY, a. sorrowful; gloomy; dismal; horrid

DU’CAT, s. a coin struck by Dukes; in silver valued at about four
    shillings and sixpence, in gold at nine shillings and sixpence

DURA’TION, s. power of continuance; length of continuance

DU’RING, prep. for the time of the continuance

EA’RLY, ad. soon; betimes

EA’RTHQUAKE, s. tremour or convulsion of the earth

EA’STERN, a. belonging to the east; lying to the east; oriental

EA’SY, a. not difficult; ready; contented; at rest

ECLI’PSE, s. an obscuration of the heavenly luminaries; darkness;

ECO’NOMY, s. frugality; discretion of expense; system of matter

E’DIFICE, s. a fabric; a building

EDI’TION, s. publication of anything, particularly of a book

EDUCA’TION, s. formation of manners in youth

EFFE’CT, s. that which is produced by an operating cause; success;
    purpose; meaning; consequence

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