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DI’AL, s. a plate marked with lines, where a hand or shadow shows the

DI’ALECT, s. subdivision of a language; style; manner of expression

DI’ALOGUE, s. a discussion between two persons

DIA’METER, s. the straight line which, passing through the centre of a
    circle, divides it into two equal parts

DI’AMOND, s. the most valuable and hardest of all the gems; a

DI’FFER, v.n. be distinguished from; contend; be of a contrary opinion

DI’FFERENT, a. distinct; unlike; dissimilar

DIFFICULTY, s. hardness; something hard to accomplish; distress;
    perplexity in affairs

DI’GNITY, s. rank of elevation; grandeur of mien; high place

DILA’TE, v n. widen; grow wide; speak largely

DI’LIGENCE, s. industry; assiduity

DIMI’NISH, v.a. to make less

DIMI’NUTIVE, a. small; narrow; contracted

DIRE’CT, v.a. aim at a straight line; regulate; order; command;
    adjust; mark out a certain course

DIRE’CTION, s. tendency of motion impressed by a certain impulse;
    order; command; prescription

DIRE’CTLY, ad. immediately; apparently; in a straight line

DISAGRE’EABLE, a. unpleasing; offensive

DISA’STROUS, a. calamitous

DISCI’PLE, s. a scholar; one that professes to receive instruction
    from another

DISCIPLINE, s. education; the art of cultivating the mind; a state of

DISCONCE’RT, v.a. unsettle the mind; discompose

DISCOU’RAGE, v.a. depress; deprive of confidence

DISCO’VER, v.a. disclose; bring to light; find out

DISCO’VERY, s. the act of finding anything hidden

DISCRI’MINATION, s. the state of being distinguished from other
    persons or things; the mark of distinction

DISHO’NOUR, s. reproach; disgrace; ignominy

DISLO’DGE, v.a. to go to another place; to drive or remove from a

DISMA’NTLE, v.a. strip; deprive of a dress; strip a town of its
    outworks; loose

DISMA’Y, s. fall of courage; desertion of mind

DISOBE’DIENCE, s. the act of disobeying; inattention to the words of
    those who have right to command

DISO’RDER, s. irregularity; tumult; sickness

DISPA’RAGEMENT, s. reproach; disgrace; indignity

DISPLA’Y, v.a. exhibit; talk without restraint

DISPOSI’TION, s. order; method; temper of mind

DISQUI’ETUDE, s. uneasiness

DI’SREGARD, v.a. to slight; to neglect

DI’SSIPATE, v.a. scatter every way; disperse; scatter the attention

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