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DEPO’SIT, v.a. lay up; lay aside

DEPRA’VITY, s. corruption

DE’PREDA’TION, s. a robbing; a spoiling; waste

DEPRI’VE, v.a. bereave one of a thing; hinder; debar from

DE’RVISE, s. a Turkish priest

DESCE’NDANT, s. the offspring of an ancestor

DESCRI’BE, v.a. mark out; define

DESCRI’PTION, s. the sentence or passage in which anything is

DESCRY’, v.a. give notice of anything suddenly discovered; detect;

DE’SERT, s. a wilderness; solitude; waste country

DESE’RVE, v.a. be entitled to reward or punishment

DESI’GN, s. an intention; a purpose; a scheme

DESIGNA’TION, s. appointment; direction; intention to design

DESI’RE, v.a. wish; long for; intreat

DE’SOLATE, a. without inhabitants; solitary; laid waste

DESPA’TCH, s. to send away hastily; to do business quickly; to put to

DE’SPERATE, a. without hope; rash; mad; furious

DE’SPICABLE, a. worthy of scorn; contemptible

DESPI’SE, v.a. scorn; condemn; slight; abhor

DE’SPOTISM, s. absolute power

DESTINA’TION, s. the place where it was our destiny to go; fate; doom

DE’STINE, v.a. doom; devote

DE’STINY, s. doom; fate

DE’STITUTE, a. forsaken; abject; in want of

DESTRO’Y, v.a. lay waste; make desolate; put an end to

DESTRU’CTION, s. the act of destroying; the state of being destroyed;

DETA’CH, v.a. separate; disengage

DETA’CHMENT, s. a body of troops sent out from the main army

DETE’R, v.a. fright from anything

DETERMINA’TION, s. absolute direction to a certain end; the result of
    deliberation; judicial decision

DETE’RMINE, v.a. fix; settle; resolve; decide

DETE’STABLE, a. hateful; abominable; odious

DETRA’CTION, s. the withdrawing or taking off from a thing

DETRU’DE, v.a. thrust down; force into a lower place

DEVASTA’TION, s. waste; havoc; desolation; destruction

DEVE’LOP, v.a. to disentangle; to disengage from something that
    enfolds and conceals

DEVIA’TION, s. the act of quitting the right way; wandering

DEVO’TE, v.a. dedicate; consecrate

DE’VOTEE, s. one erroneously or superstitiously religious; a bigot

DEVO’TION, s. piety; prayer; strong affection; power

DE’XTEROUS, a. subtle; full of expedients; expert; active; ready

DIABO’LICAL, a. devilish

DI’ADEM, s. the mark of Royalty worn on the head

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