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CURIO’SITY, s. inquisitiveness; nice experiment; an object of
    curiosity; rarity

CU’RIOUS, a. inquisitive; desirous of information; difficult to
    please; diligent about; elegant; neat; artful

CU’RRENT, a. passing from hand to hand; authoritative; common; what is
    now passing

CU’STOM, s. habit; fashion; practice of buying of certain persons

CY’MBAL, s. a kind of musical instrument

CY’PRESS, s. a tall straight tree.  It is the emblem of mourning

DALMA’TIA, s. a province of Austria

DALMA’TIAN, a. belonging to Dalmatia

DA’MAGE, s. mischief; hurt; loss

DA’NGER, s. risk; hazard; peril

DA’NGEROUS, a. hazardous; perilous

DA’STARDLY, ad. cowardly; mean; timorous

DA’UNTED, a. discouraged

DECE’PTION, s. the act or means of deceiving; cheat; fraud; the state
    of being deceived

DECLI’NE, v.a. shun; avoid; refuse; bring down

DE’CORATE, v.a. adorn; embellish; beautify

DECORA’TION, s. ornament; added beauty

DE’DICATE, v.a. to inscribe

DEFA’CE, v.a. destroy; raze; ruin; disfigure

DEFE’CTIVE, a. wanting the just quantity; full of defects; imperfect;

DEFE’NCE, s. guard; protection; resistance

DEFI’CIENCY, s. want; something less than is necessary; imperfection

DEGE’NERACY, s. departure from the virtue of our ancestors

DEGE’NERATE, a. unworthy; base

DE’ITY, s. divinity; the nature and essence of God; fabulous Rod; the
    supposed divinity of a heathen god

DE’LICACY, s. daintiness; softness; feminine beauty; nicety; gentle
    treatment; smallness

DE’LICATE, s. fine; soft; pure; clear; unable to bear hardships;

DELI’CIOUS, a. sweet; delicate; agreeable

DELI’GHT, v.a. please; content; satisfy

DELI’NEATE, v.a. to paint; to represent; to describe

DELI’VER, v.a. set free; release; give; save; surrender

DE’LUGE, v.a. flood

DE’LUGE, v.a. drown; lay totally under water; overwhelm; cause to sink

DEME’ANOUR, s. carriage; behaviour

DEMO’LISH, v.a. raze; destroy; swallow up

DEMONSTRA’TION, s. the highest degree of argumental evidence

DENO’MINATE, v.a. to name anything

DEPA’RTMENT, s. separate allotment; province or business assigned to a
    particular person

DEPO’RTMENT, s. carriage; bearing

DEPO’SIT, s. a pledge; anything given as a security

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