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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 275 pages of information about The Illustrated London Reading Book.

CO’NVENT, s. an assembly of religious persons; a monastery; a nunnery

CO’NVERSE, s. conversation; acquaintance; familiarity

CONVE’RSION, s. change from one state to another

CONVE’RT, v.a. change into another substance; change from one religion
    to another; turn from a bad to a good life; apply to any use

CONVE’Y, v.a. carry; transport from one place to another; bring;

CONVU’LSIVE, a. that gives twitches or spasms

CO’PIOUS, a. plentiful; abundant

CO’PPICE, s. a low wood; a place overrun with brushwood

CO’RDIAL, a. reviving; hearty; sincere

CORONA’TION, s. the act of crowning a King

CORPORA’TION, s. a body politic, constituted by Royal charter

CORPO’REAL, a. having a body; material; not spiritual

CORRE’CT, v.a. punish; discipline; remark faults; take away fault

CORRESPONDENCE, s. intercourse; relation; friendship

CO’UNCILLOR, s. one that gives counsel

COU’NTENANCE, s. the form of the face; air; look; calmness of look;

CO’UNTRY, s. a tract of land; a region; rural parts

CO’URAGE, s. bravery; boldness

CO’VERING, s. dress; anything spread over another

CRA’FTY, a. cunning; knowing; scheming; politic

CRA’TER, s. the bowl, opening, or funnel of a volcano

CREA’TION, s. the act of creating; universe

CREA’TOR, s. the Divine Being that created all things

CRE’ATURE, s. a being created; a general term for man

CRE’VICE, s. a crack; a cleft; a narrow opening

CRI’MINAL, s. a man accused; a man guilty of a crime

CRI’MINA’LITY, s. the act of being guilty of a crime

CRI’TIC, s. a judge; otherwise a censurer

CRI’TICAL, a. relating to criticism

CRO’CODILE, s. an amphibious voracious animal, in shape like a lizard

CROO’KED, a. bent; winding; perverse

CRU’ELTY, s. inhumanity; savageness; act of intentional affliction

CRU’SADE, s. an expedition against the infidels; a holy war

CRY’STAL, s. crystals are hard, pellucid, and naturally colourless
    bodies, of regular angular figures

CU’LPABLE, a. criminal; guilty; blamable

CU’LTIVATE, v.a. forward or improve the product of the earth by manual
    industry; improve

CULTIVA’TION, s. improvement in general

CU’POLA, s. a dome

CU’RFEW, s. an evening peal, by which the Conqueror willed that every
    man should rake up his fire and put out his light

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