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CAR’TILAGE, s. a smooth and solid body, softer than a bone, but harder
    than a ligament

CARTILA’GINOUS, a. consisting of cartilages

CA’RTRIDGE, s. a case of paper or parchment filled with gunpowder,
    used for greater expedition in loading

CASCA’DE, s. a cataract; a waterfall

CA’STELLATED, a. that which is turretted or built in the form of a

CATAMARA’N, s. a rude species of boat

CA’TARACT, s. a waterfall

CATA’STROPHE, s. a final event

CATHE’DRAL, s. the head church of a diocese

CA’VALRY, s. horse soldiery

CA’VERN, s. a hollow place in the ground

CA’VIL, s. a false or frivolous objection

CA’VITY, s. a hole; a hollow place

CE’DAR, s. a kind of tree; it is evergreen, and produces flowers

CE’LEBRATE, v.a. praise; commend; mention in a set or solemn manner

CELE’BRITY, s. transaction publicly splendid

CELE’RITY, s. quickness

CELE’STIAL, a. heavenly

CE’METERY, s. a place where the dead are deposited

CE’NTRE, s. the middle

CE’NTURY, s. a hundred years

CEREMO’NIOUS, a. full of ceremony

CE’REMONY, s. form in religion; form of civility

CE’RTAIN, a. sure; unquestionable; regular; particular kind

CHAO’TIC, a. confused

CHA’PTER, s. a division of a book; the place in which assemblies of
    the clergy are held

CHARACTERI’SE, v.a. to give a character of the particular quality of
    any man

CHARACTERI’STIC, s. that which constitutes the character

CHARACTERI’STICALLY, ad. constituting the character

CHA’RITY, s. kindness; love; good-will; relief given to the poor

CHA’TEAU, s. (pronounced shat-oh) a castle

CHA’TTER, v.a. make a noise by collision of the teeth; talk idly or

CHE’RUB, s. a celestial spirit, next in order to the seraphim

CHRI’STENDOM, s. the collective body of Christianity

CHRI’STIAN, s. a professor of the religion of Christ

CHRO’NICLE, s. a register of events in order of time; a history

CHRO’NICLER, s. a writer of chronicles; a historian

CHRONO’METER, s. an instrument for the exact measuring of time

CI’PHER, s. a figure, as 1, 2

CI’RCUIT, s. a circular band

CI’RCUIT, s. ring; round; stated journey repeated at intervals

CIRCU’MFERENCE, s. the space enclosed in a circle

CIRCUMSCRI’BE, v.a. enclose in certain lines or boundaries; bound;

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