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BU’BBLE, s. a small bladder of water; anything which wants solidity
    and firmness

BU’LKY, a. of great size or stature

BU’LWARK, s. a fortification; a security

BUO’YANCY, s. the quality of floating

BU’RDENSOME, a. grievous

BU’RIAL, s. interment; the act of putting anything under earth or

BU’RY, v.a. inter; put in the grave; conceal

BU’TTRESS, s. a prop; a wall built to support another

CA’DENCE, s. the fall of the voice; state of sinking, decline

CALA’MITY, s. misfortune; cause of misery; distress

CA’LCULATE, v.a. reckon; adjust

CAL’CULA’TION, s. a practice or manner of reckoning; a reckoning

CA’LEDO’NIANS, s. the ancient inhabitants of Scotland

CAMPA’IGN, s. a large, open, level tract of land; the time for which
    any army keeps the field

CA’NADA, s. a province of the British possessions in America

CANA’L, s. any course of water made by art; a passage through which
    any of the juices of the body flow

CANA’RY, s. an excellent singing-bird—­so called from its native
    place, the Canary Islands

CA’NNIBAL, s. a savage that eats his fellow-men taken in war

CA’PABLE, a. susceptible; intelligent; qualified for; able to receive;
    capacious; able to understand

CAPA’CIOUS, a. wide; large

CAPA’CITY, s. power; ability; state; condition; character

CAPERCA’ILZIE, s. (pronounced cap-per-kail-zeh) cock of the wood

CA’PITAL, s. the upper part of a pillar; the chief city of a nation or

CA’PITAL, a. applied to letters—­large, such as are written at the
    beginning or heads of books

CA’PTAIN, s. a chief commander

CA’PTIVE, s. a prisoner

CAPTI’VITY, s. imprisonment; subjection by the fate of war; bondage;
    slavery; servitude

CA’PTURE, v.a. take prisoner; bring into a condition of servitude

CA’RAVAN, s. a conveyance; a troop or body of merchants or pilgrims,
    as they travel in the East

CARE’ER, s. a course; full speed; course of action

CA’RGO, s. the lading of a ship

CARNI’VOROUS, a. flesh-eating

CA’ROB, s. a plant bearing a nutritious fruit so called

CA’RRIAGE, s. the act of carrying or transporting; vehicle; conduct

CA’RRION, s. the carcase of something not proper for food

CA’RRONA’DE, s. a short iron cannon

CA’RRY, v.a. convey from a place; transport; bring forward; bear

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