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BA’NISH, v.a. condemn to leave one’s country; drive away

BA’NISHMENT, s. the act of banishing another; the state of being

BARBA’RIAN, s. a savage; a man uncivilized

BA’RBAROUS, a. savage; ignorant; cruel

BA’RREN, a. unfruitful; sterile; scanty

BARRIC’ADE, v.a. stop up a passage; hinder by stoppage

BASA’LT, s. a variety of trap rock

BASA’LTIC, a. relating to basalt

BASTI’LE, s. (pronounced basteel) a jail; formerly the state prison
    of France

BA’TTER, v.a. beat; shatter; beat down

BA’TTLE, s. a fight; an encounter between opposite enemies

BEA’CON, s. something raised on an eminence to direct

BEA’RABLE, a. that which is capable of being borne

BEAU’TY, s. a particular grace or feature; a beautiful person

BECO’ME, v.a. befit; be suitable to the person

BEDE’CK, v.a. to deck; to adorn; to grace

BE’DSTEAD, s. the frame on which the bed is placed

BEHI’ND, ad. out of sight; not yet in view; remaining

BEHO’VE, v.n. to be fit

BELI’EVE, v.n. to have a firm persuasion of anything

BENEFA’CTOR, s. one that does good

BE’NEFIT, s. a kindness; a favour conferred; an advantage

BENE’VOLENT, a. kind; having good-will

BENI’GHT, v.a. involve in darkness; surprise with the coming on of

BENI’GNANT, a. kind; generous; liberal

BE’NISON, s. a blessing

BENU’MB, v.a. make torpid; stupify

BESIE’GE, v.a. to beleaguer; to lay siege to

BESPRE’NT, v. def. besprinkled

BESTO’W, v.a. give; confer upon; lay up

BETWE’EN, prep. in the middle space; from one to another; noting
    difference of one from another

BI’LBERRY, s. the fruit of a plant so called

BO’ATMAN, s. he that manages a boat

BO’DY, s. material substance of an animal; matter; person; collective
    mass; main part; main army

BO’RDER, s. edge; edge of a country; a bank raised round a garden and
    set with flowers

BO’UNTEOUS, a. liberal; kind; generous

BOUQUE’T, s. (pronounced boo-kay) a nosegay

BOWSPRI’T, s. (a sea term) the mast that runs out at the bow of a ship

BRA’CELET, s. an ornament for the arms

BRA’CH, s. a she hound

BRA’CKISH, a. salt; somewhat salt

BRI’LLIANCY, s. brightness; lustre

BRI’LLIANT, s. a diamond of the finest cut

BRI’LLIANT, a. shining; sparkling; full of lustre

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