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ASSISTANT, s. a helper

ASSI’ZE, s. a jury; any court of justice; the ordinance or statute

ASSO’CIATE, s. a partner; a confederate; a companion

ASSU’RE, v.a. give confidence by a firm promise

ASTO’NISHMENT, s. amazement

ASTRO’NOMY, s. the science of the motions, distances, &c. of the stars

A’THEISM, s. the disbelief of a god

ATHE’NIAN, s. a native of Athens

A’TMOSPHERE, s. the air that encompasses the solid earth on all sides

ATRO’CIOUS, a. wicked in a high degree; enormous

ATTA’CH, v.a. arrest; fix one’s interest; win; lay hold on

ATTA’CK, v.a. to make an assault

ATTA’IN, v.a. gain; procure; reach

ATTAINMENT, s. an acquisition; an accomplishment

ATTE’MPT, v.a. venture upon; try; endeavour

ATTE’NDANT, s. one that attends; one that is present at anything

ATTENTION, s. the act of attending; the act of bending the mind upon

ATTE’NTIVE, a. regardful; full of attention

ATTI’RE, s. clothing; dress; equipment

A’TTITUDE, s. position; expression

ATTRA’CT, v.a. draw to something; allure; invite

ATTRA’CTIVE, a. having the power to draw anything; inviting

ATTRIBUTE, v.a. to ascribe; to yield as due; to impute as a cause

AU’DITOR, s. a hearer

    AURO’RA-BOREA’LIS, a. electrical light streaming in the night from
    the north; the northern lights or streamers

AUSTE’RITY, s. severity; cruelty

AUTHENTIC, a. genuine

AU’THOR, s. the first beginner or mover of anything; a writer in

AUTHO’RITY, s. power; rule; influence; support; legal power

AU’TUMN, s. the season of the year between summer and winter

AVAILABLE, a. profitable; powerful; advantageous

AVALA’NCHE, s. immense mass of snow or ice

A’VERAGE, s. a middle proportion

AVI’DITY, s. eagerness; voracity; greediness

AVO’ID, v.a. shun; shift off; quit

AWA’KE, v.a. rouse out of sleep; put into new action

AW’KWARD, a. clumsy; inelegant; unready

A’ZURE, s. blue; faint blue


BA’CCHANALS, s. the drunken feasts of Bacchus; fabulous personages who assisted at the festivals of Bacchus

BALCO’NY, s. a frame before the window of a room

BALLO’ON, s. a large hollow ball of silk, filled with gas, which makes
    it rise in the air

BA’NDIT, s. a man outlawed

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