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APPORTIONMENT, s. dividing into portions

APPRECIATE, v.a. set a price on anything; esteem

APPRO’ACH, v n. draw near; somewhat resemble

APPROBATION, s. the act of approving, or expressing himself pleased,
    or satisfied; support

APPRO’PRIATENESS, s. a fitness to be appropriated

APPROPRIATION, s. the application of something to a certain purpose

AQUA’TIC, a. that inhabits the water; that grows in the water

A’QUEDUCT, s. a conveyance, tunnel, or way made for carrying water

ARA’TOO, s. a bird of the parrot kind

AR’BALIST, s. a naturalist who make trees his study

A’RBITRABY, o. despotic; absolute; depending on no rule

ARBU’TUS, s. a strawberry tree

ARCA’DE, s. a continued arch; a walk arched over

ARCHBI’SHOP, s. a bishop of the first class, who superintends the
    conduct of other bishops

ARCHITE’CTURE, s. the art or science of building

A’RCTIC, a. northern; lying under the Arctos or Bear

A’RDUOUS, a. lofty; difficult

ARI’SE, v.n. mount upward; get up; proceed

ARMI’LLA, s. a bracelet, or jewel worn on the arm

A’RMY, s. collection of armed men; a great number

AROMA’TIC, a. spicy; fragrant; strong-scented

ARRI’VE, v.n. reach any place; happen

ARRA’NGE, v.a. put in the proper order for any purpose

ARRA’NGEMENT, s. the act of putting In proper order, the state of
    being put in order

ARRA’Y, s. order, chiefly of war; dress

A’RROGANCE, s. the act or quality of taking much upon one’s self

A’RROW, s. the pointed weapon which is shot from a bow

A’RTICLE, s. a part of speech; a single clause of an account; term

ARTI’CULATE, v.a. form words; speak as a man; draw up in articles;
    make terms

A’RTIFICE, s. trick; fraud; stratagem; art; trade

ARTIFI’CIAL, a. made by art; not natural

ARTI’LLERY, s. weapons of war; cannon; great ordinance

A’RTISAN, s. professor of any art

ASCE’NDANCY, s. influence; power

ASPE’RSE, v.a. bespatter with censure or calumny

A’SPIC, s. the name of a small serpent

ASSA’ILANT, s. one that assails

ASSE’MBLY, s. a company met together

ASSE’RT, v.a. to declare positively; maintain; to defend either by
    words or actions; claim

ASSIDU’ITY, s. diligence

ASSI’MILATE, v.a. bring to a likeness; turn to its own nature by


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