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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 275 pages of information about The Illustrated London Reading Book.

A’BSOLUTE, a. positive; certain; unlimited

A’BSTRACT, s. the smaller quantity containing the virtue or power of
    the greater

ABSTRU’SE, a. hidden; difficult

ABU’NDANT, a. plentiful

ABU’TMENT, s. that which borders upon another

ACA’DEMY, s. (from Academus, an Athenian, who founded a public
    school at Athens, which after him was called Academia, Latin),
    place of education; an assembly or society of men, uniting for the
    promotion of some art

A’CCENT, s. the sound of a syllable; a modification of the voice
    expressive of the passions or sentiments; the marks made upon
    syllables to regulate their pronunciation

A’CCIDENT, s. that which happens unforeseen; chance

ACCO’MPANY, v.n. associate with; become a companion to

ACCO’MPLICE, s. an associate; partner

ACCO’MPLISHMENT, s. ornament of mind or body; acquirement

ACCO’ST, v.a. speak to; address; salute

ACCO’UNT, s. the state or result of a computation—­as, the account
    stands thus between us; narrative; value

ACCO’UTRE, v.a. dress; equip

A’CCURACY, s. exactness; nicety

ACCU’STOM, v. to habituate; to inure

ACQUI’RE, v.a. gain; obtain; attain

A’CRID, a. having a hot biting taste; bitter

A’CRIMONY, s. sharpness; severity; bitterness of thought or language

ACRO’POLIS, s. a citadel; the highest part of a city

ACTI’VITY, s. quickness; nimbleness

ACU’TE, a. sharp, not blunt; sharp, not dull; not stupid; vigorous;
    powerful in operation

ADAMA’NTINE, a. made of adamant; having the qualities of adamant, viz.
    hardness, indissolubility

ADA’PT, v.a. admit, justify; yield; permit

ADIEU’, ad. used elliptically for a Dieu je vous commende, at the
    parting of friends; farewell

A’DMIRABLE, a. to be admired; of power to excite wonder

ADMIRA’TION, s. wonder

ADMI’T, v.a. suffer to enter; allow

ADO’PT, v.a. take a son by choice; make him a son who is not so by
    birth; place any person or thing in a nearer relation than they have
    by nature or something else

ADRO’ITNESS, s. dexterity; readiness

ADU’LT, s. a person above the age of boyhood or girlhood

ADVA’NCE, v.a. improve; forward; propose

ADVA’NTAGE, s. superiority; opportunity

ADVE’NTURE, s. chance; hazard; an enterprise in which something must
    be left to hazard

ADVE’NTURER, s. he that puts himself into the hands of chance

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