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Now Grandfather Frog was feeling out of sorts that morning.  He hadn’t heard the whisper that Mr. Mocker had not come by his voice honestly, and he thought that Peter Rabbit was asking just to hear a story.

“Chugarum!” replied Grandfather Frog crossly.  “Go ask Mr. Buzzard,” And that was all that Peter could get out of him.  So, not knowing what else to do, off started Peter Rabbit to ask Ol’ Mistah Buzzard where his friend Mr. Mocking-bird got such a wonderful voice.

Ol’ Mistah Buzzard laughed when he heard that some folks said that Mr. Mocker had not come by his voice honestly.

“There isn’t a word of truth in it, Brer Rabbit,” he declared.  “Yo’ go tell all your friends that Mistah Mockah is the best loved of all the birds way down Souf.”

And this is all for the present about the adventures of Mr. Mocker the Mocking-bird.  But others have had adventures, and one is Jerry Muskrat.  The next book will tell all about them.


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